Monday, 27 April 2020

The Aftermath Of Extreme Weight Loss: Overcoming Weight Loss Issues

While most women in pursuit of weight loss goals assume that losing the weight will be the end of a challenging journey, other issues will arise. Unfortunately, the more extreme your weight loss is, the more likely you will be confronted with issues such as stretch marks, excess skin, and others. However, all these issues have solutions that will help you finally achieve your confidence and body image goals.

Breast Augmentation

Unfortunately, one of the first changes you will likely note after losing a large amount of weight is a significantly smaller breast size, which can eat away at your confidence. Rather than mourn a loss, you could consider the confidence-boosting benefits of regaining your previous breast size with breast augmentation surgery. However, it is crucial to book a consultation with a renowned specialist, such as Dr. Stephen Mulholland as you will be able to seek advice regarding a natural size that would compliment both your current weight as well as your height. Breast augmentation surgery does not have to render your body appearance ‘’plastic’’ as you will be able to achieve an exceptionally natural look. In some situations, breast augmentation is not entirely necessary, although, a breast lift may be suitable. This is because sagging skin will be a notable effect of rapid weight loss.

Excess Skin Removal

Excess skin is one of the major complaints women have after losing a lot of weight and unfortunately, exercise and a healthy diet will only help so much. Skin removal surgery is often the only solution that will provide appealing results. Getting your confidence back will be well worth the surgery as you will also be less likely to put the bulk of the weight back on after solidifying your weight loss with such a measure. Most women who shed a notable amount of weight only truly feel the weight loss after undergoing excess skin removal.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Laser stretch mark removal is incredibly non-invasive, and even though your stretch marks will be the effect of previous weight gain rather than your recent weight loss, once you start your journey towards achieving the body you want, visible stretch marks may hold you back. Removing stretch marks permanently often serves as removal of poor diet and lifestyle choices as you march towards a healthier and happier self.

Body Contouring And Shaping Surgery

While most confuse body contouring and shaping surgery with excess skin removal, this surgery assist with reshaping the body rather than simply removing the excess skin. If you feel that weight loss has negatively affected your body shape and you would like to reshape your figure to feel more feminine, or more comfortable in your own skin, it would be suitable to consult a renowned plastic surgeon to assist with the procedure.

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