Wednesday, 27 May 2020

How To Make "Frozen" Slime

Well it's been a fair old while that we've been stuck in lockdown here in the UK, and I have to admit - I am starting to run out of ideas for keeping these three 3 little hellraisers of mine entertained!

Infact, things reached such a desperate level today that I decided it was time to bust out the slime ingredients!

I'll be totally honest with you - I am no fan of slime. I hate making it, it almost always goes wrong and it usually ends up resembling something more akin to the remainder of a zombie feast than anything pretty and Insta-worthy!

My other half is even less keen on slime than I am, having found it mashed into the carpet many a time over the years and being stuck with the task of trying to get it out!

But what can I say?! Lockdown can make a person do strange things, and for us - that thing was to agree to a slime making afternoon! 

My kids just love to get involved with slime making - it's as much part of the experience to them as playing with the slime is!
Thanks to the Tukataka learning tower, my children reach the kitchen worktop, table, and kitchen sink so they can get thoroughly involved in the slime making process. The tower also enables them to observe and participate in activities such as washing up, dough rolling, baking and more. These activities enable children to learn new skills and aid their physical and emotional development. Thanks to the wide range of colours, varnishes and add ons, every Tukataka tower is unique too!

To my surprise, my slime-making skills seem to have improved over the years and - dare I say it - I have actually managed to perfect my slime recipe at long last!

Gone are the days of sticky gloop - instead I managed to produce a glittery delight that was actually rather pretty to look at AND didn't stick to our fingers/the carpet/anybodys hair! 

My middle child has been obsessed with Queen Elsa from Frozen ever since, well, birth really! And so it came as no surprise that it was Frozen Slime that she wanted to play with today.

So here's what how I went about creating it.


*Blue Glitter Glue - 6 oz (We used Elmer's for this recipe, but I have used other non-branded Glitter glue in other versions and it works fine!)
*1/2 teaspoon Bicarbonate Of Soda
*60ml cold water
*1.5 - 2 Tablespoons of contact lens solution (Must contain boric acid)
*Glitter (Optional but recommended)

That's it! That's all you need to create the perfect slime.

I think the key to the success of this recipe is the lack of PVA (I have yet to manage to create a nice firm slime using PVA) - coloured glitter glue provides a much better starting point, as the colour and look is already there to begin with!

All you need to do is:

*Empty the glitter glue into a mixing bowl

*Sprinkle in the Bicarb of soda and mix together

*Add the water and stir well

*Pour in the glitter if you're using it (We used a full tub for this slime, and it did look beautiful! You need quite a lot of thick glitter to make it noticable)

*Mix together, and then add the contact lens solution. Stir until the slime becomes stringy and starts to come away from the bowl, then pick it up and knead it in your hands. Keep adding contact lens solution a tiny bit at a time and kneading, until the slime feels stretchy but not sticky. 

And there you have it! I've included a video below for you to follow if you'd like to.

After our Frozen slime, my youngest son asked for "Pirate Treasure Slime" and so I followed the same recipe - this time using orange glitter glue (Non branded, bottle of 50p stuff from Home Bargains!) and a load of gold glitter - it worked brilliantly! Which just goes to show that you don't need to spend a fortune on the Elmers glue.

We plan to make some pink "Unicorn" slime next - wish me luck!

I hope this recipe works well for you, have fun making your slime!

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