Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Interesting Facts About Santa Letters

Santa Claus has always been kids' favourite and reading his letters seemed like the first task to do in an early Christmas morning. However, there are some interesting facts associated with letter from Santa Clause and some of them are written below.

Kids did not mail letters to Santa
Children had some unique ways to gives their messages to Santa Clause when there was no post office department. Commonly, kids would leave their letters by the fireplace with the belief that it will reach Santa. In Scotland, children would stick their heads out of their house chimneys and say their Christmas wishes. The best was noticed in Latin America where kids pasted their messages on balloons, watching it flying off in the sky.

It was not legal to answer the letters
Santa could not answer the mail as the letters would go to Dead Letter Office because the address was considered to be mythical and undeliverable. However, many people offered to answer the letters, but it was considered against the law. In 1913, new rules were implemented where individuals can reply to the letters received by Santa.

Kids can send letters to various locations
Today, most kids direct the letters to the North Pole, but in the earlier days, kids knew various destinations where Santa can probably live. Besides the North Pole, Cloudville, Ice Street, Iceland and even “Behind the Moon” was considered some of the potential destinations. In the US, most of the letters were received by the post office. If the letters are addressed to a specific city like Indiana or Alaska, the letters will be received by the post offices of the respective locations.

You can reach Santa via email
With time, Santa has evolved and has ditched the traditional styles of writing letters. He now answers the messages via his email. Kids can find various online outlets on the Internet to reach him and receive replies to their mails directly from the individual assigned to play the role of Santa.

Complaints from the charity groups
When new rules were enforced by the post office, many charities protested and compliant, stating it was to be publicity and an ineffective way to help the poor. The charities assumed that that answering to the letters will make kids believe the existence of Santa Clause. The kids may fail to distinguish the reality from the mythical world.

Santa never writes letters
The letters were originally written by the appointed individuals of the post office. Sometimes, parents too take the charge of writing letters for their kids to counsel their behaviour. This practice prevailed in many countries where the parents put letters or cards in Christmas socks and surprising the kids the next day.

These are a few interesting facts regarding letter from Santa Clause. Though a mythical character, he is loved all over the world bringing happiness in people’s lives. Next time you write a letter, make sure that you let your parents know the gift you want!

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