Thursday, 28 May 2020

The New Normal: UK Holidays

Holiday? What Holiday?

I think anyone who has a holiday booked or was planning to have a holiday this summer is certainly re-thinking everything. But when we are thinking about maybe having some kind of holiday what are we going to be able to do? What will holidays look like in the coming months and years; what is the “new normal” for holidays?

UK All the Way 
One thing is certain, UK holidays are going to be a big thing for a while! If you live in England you may even be focussed on English holidays, if Wales and Scotland are not keen on people travelling into their countries. This is no bad thing for our economy, of course, but for a lot of people it might be quite an adjustment. 

They may be used to an annual 2 weeks in the sun, or a number of overseas city breaks each year. The good thing is, there are loads of amazing places to go in the UK, there really are! There is so much most people never see so hopefully after a period of spending a lot of time at home and hopefully remembering how awesome our loved ones are, we can do the same with our country too.

What Types of Holidays Will We Have?

As it stands now the standard accommodation people use on holidays is all up in the air. Even if hotels do open for some people it may be too much of a risk, so what sort of holidays are we going to have? Well, they are certainly going to involve being outside a lot, the general feeling is that you are far less at risk from Coronavirus when you are outside so lets get out there!


The new normal would suggest that holidays where we are isolated from other people as much as possible might be a good idea. If you are worried about catching Covid-19 then you may only feel comfortable being away from people. A campervan is brilliant way to enjoy travelling around, camping “inside” and maintaining your own bubble! While buying a camper is a big deal and a big investment in these troubled times campervan hire may well be the answer. There are lots of companies like Southampton Campervan Hire that offer campers for hire, some even do dog friendly ones! It’s probably best to avoid hiring the old VW campers unless you really want that kind of experience. Go for something modern with all the comforts of home and hit the road!


Yes...camping, it may not be something everyone thinks they like but it may be time to think again. Camping certainly offers space if you chose the right campsite, it offers the chance to basically be outside all the time and it is also something we could all potentially do with friends while still socially distancing. Some people really hate camping but modern inflatable tents make setting up super easy and with many of the latest gadgets camping is becoming a far cry from the old days of cold wet nights. Family tents that are easy to set up mean you can have an inside area you can stand up in, separate rooms for the kids and, with a good mattress, a good night’s sleep! Camping is a great way to see and be part of the UK and it is a perfect corona friendly way to holiday (its much cheaper too).

Air BnB

We still don’t really know if Air BNB will be something we can do but if it is you can be sure UK properties are going to be in high demand. By choosing to go to a property that has been cleaned and where you don’t even have to meet the owner to get the keys families can go on holiday without coming into contact with anyone. Couples can sneak off for a very private holiday and properties with gardens and beach access could see people having a wonderful holiday with minimal contact. If you include online food shopping into the mix these kinds of holidays really could be the perfect new normal UK holiday.

Things to Do

The days of water parks and swimming pools may be off the radar for some time but there is still plenty we can do on UK holidays. Cycling has become HUGE for obvious reasons and this may play a role in many family breaks either hiring bikes or packing up the roof rack and doing a few miles before heading back to the camper or tent for some food.

Beaches are going to be popular but once they get too busy distancing gets hard. Zoos and wildlife parks may or may not be on the cards but they are certainly places that could offer socially distanced fun! 

As with all challenges there will be people who rise to meet them and there may well be some new ideas for tourism coming up we haven’t even thought of. The key is to try and stay positive and embrace the fun whatever shape in comes in. Try some camping, grab a campervan, book that isolated country cottage and get outside and enjoy yourself…when we are allowed to of course! Give it 12 months and maybe we won’t even remember what a cold beer by the pool at a luxury resort was like anyway.

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