Thursday, 18 June 2020

5 reasons to visit Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest of the US states and it may not be the most obvious holiday destination. We’ve all heard about the wonders of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but most people don’t know a lot about Rhode Island (check out this car accident lawyer serving North Kingston, RI if you do decide to visit and find yourself in an accident). 

However, Rhode Island is an excellent holiday destination, both for families and young people. If you’re travelling around the east coast, it’s a great place to add to your list. Here’s why you should visit Rhode Island. 


Rhode Island boasts some incredible historic landmarks. It was settled in the 1600s by Europeans escaping religious persecution, and this means that it oozes in fascinating voices. Newport, for example, is home to the Gilded Age mansions, which served as holiday homes for some of the most affluent Americans in the 1900s. Many now operate as museums and are free to wander around. 


Rhode Island impresses visitors with its collection of universities, most famously known as the home of Brown University, an ivy league educational institution. While a short visit won’t get you inside the lectures, you can treat yourself to a fascinating wander around the grounds, which are incredibly beautiful. You’ll feel as though you’ve just walked onto the set of a famous American film.  


Due to its historical background, Rhode Island offers plenty of delicious food from all areas of the world. The number of international eateries is impressive – even for the US. Seafood is incredibly popular, as it’s all locally sourced, such as the Rhode Island speciality “stuffies” – a stuffing filled clam, made with local Quahogs. If you don’t think this will be your kids’ kind of thing, Rhode Island is also highly populated with Italian immigrants, so you won’t struggle to find delicious pizza, pasta and ice cream. 

Art and culture

Many people don’t know that Rhode Island offers an incredible amount of impressive art exhibits throughout the year. For example, Waterfire, a music and art installation, takes place on scheduled nights on Providence’s canals and never fails to impress tourists and locals alike. Providence also offers a huge variety of outdoor sculptures and the Rhode Island School of Design is home to thousands of objects of “international significance”. Don’t miss a trip to the Providence Performing Arts Centre, where you’ll find incredible orchestra concerts. 


Rhode Island is a popular holiday spot for locals because of the beautiful beaches and parks. It offers a kind of fresh air that simply isn’t available in the cities. Waterplace Park offers a variety of concerts and events, whereas Goosewing beach in Little Compton is perfect for a secluded picnic. So, what are you waiting for? Rhode Island is the perfect holiday destination. 

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