Sunday, 14 June 2020

A Personalised Touch For Fathers Day

Like most of us this year, many of our plans for celebrating certain events and holidays have had to undergo massive changes. Easter, Mothers Day, children's birthdays, etc  have had to deviate from our original plans and expectations. That's not to say they haven't been fun, but the celebrations and gifts have definitely been a change from previous years.

With Fathers Day fast approaching, I knew my original planned gifts and going out to dinner would have to change. Despite this I still wanted Jon to have a very special day and instead of the usual novelty socks and ties, wanted to give him something he could appreciate. A small something that still meant something.
Jewelry is not Jon's thing, but accessories are something he enjoys. As he likes to dress well for special occasions, between myself and our children we decided to go for something personal and  unique. Exactly what however we'd not decided at the time, and we were not getting far in the inspiration department.

As it was to celebrate Fathers Day, we wanted to incorporate something special to remind him of his father as well as something thoughtful to let him know that we really appreciate all the hard work he puts in for us.

A recent conversation about Jon's late Father had been playing on my mind. Jon had mentioned about how his Dad always liked to dress well, from tie to accessories, and this had struck a chord with me.
Cufflinks, personalised towels, shirts, a pocket square, or handkerchief may not strike everyone as totally original, but I'd read about a free monogram app that allows you to create your own unique monogram and export it to use on items such as shirts, cufflinks etc.

With the children assisting me in using the monogram designer, we visited Whilst it took sometime for us all to agree upon a font, frame, and colour,
we found the app incredibly simple and intuitive to use with dozens of design options and styles.
We wanted to incorporate something of Jon's father in to our design so decided to add his initials to the monogram with a small but tasteful border surrounding them.

Once the design was completed, we exported it and have now sent it away to be added to some cufflinks. Now that we have it, we can also keep it for any future gifts we may wish to create. It's may seem like a small gesture, but personalising something like this for a loved one shows that you have put a little more thought in to a gift in order to make that person feel special and valued.

Overall the app worked like a dream, and our children have since also got involved in creating a monogram for my Father. It's free and easy to use and offers up great ideas for adding that something unique, and is something we definitely be returning to use in the future.

Do you have any stories of prefect gifts for loved ones? Or perhaps experiences that didn't go according to how your minds eye wanted them to? Either way I'd love to hear about them.

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