Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Should You Consider Renting a Property When You’re on Holiday?

Everyone should have a long list of travel goals to look forward to. Whether it’s exploring the culture of Egypt, sampling food from Thailand or roaming the picturesque streets of Italy, there are plenty of different locations that warrant visiting at least once in your life. But as part of the experience, it’s important to choose the right kind of accommodation for a number of different reasons.

Firstly, it obviously gives you a place to stay and you need to be more vigilant about how much you’re paying for accommodation and the experience you’re going to get. Secondly, picking the right type of accommodation could put you in a more favourable location to carry out your adventures.

For instance, having a rented holiday home could be far more cost-effective and give more freedom than a hotel in the city. Lastly, picking the right kind of accommodation is important to fit within your budget and style of travel. These days, it’s become incredibly popular to backpack instead of going on a traditional holiday with all of your luggage, and choosing the right hostel or shared accommodation is key to a successful backpacking holiday.

In most cases, renting a place gives you a nice balance between all the different styles of accommodation. In this post, we’ll be covering some of the biggest advantages of renting a property when you’re on holiday.

Renting gives you more freedom to do what you want

One of the problems with hotel accommodation is that you’re largely going to be reliant on whatever the hotel provides you. In contrast, renting accommodation means that you get a lot more freedom with what you do and how you do it. A good example of this is food. When you rent your own place, you have more freedom to cook what you want, try out local delicacies that you bring home and also have more options on how to cook something.

When you have a hotel room, the most you’ll be given in terms of cooking options is a microwave to heat up leftovers. If you truly want to embrace a country, renting a home can give you more cooking options and open you up to more traditional food choices that wouldn't be possible in a hotel.

Renting gives you more flexibility to do things indoors

Most people just consider their hotel room or accommodation to be a place to sleep because they’re out most of the day. However, having a rented place can give you more flexibility to do things indoors as well. For instance, if you have friends in the country you’re visiting, you can invite them over for a party (assuming it’s allowed by the landlord or service) or just bring them over so you can meet up, chat and even cook dinner together.

Hotel rooms limit the amount of flexibility you have when you’re on holiday. So next time you’re abroad, try rent property instead of booking a hotel room and you’ll find that you can do so much more with a place to yourself.

Renting puts you in the heart of the city

When you book a hotel room, you’ll end up being surrounded by other tourists that are in the country for similar reasons to you. This is generally fine for most people, but it does take away some of the charm of a city when compared to renting. Holiday rentals typically mean that you’ll be surrounded by locals instead of tourists. This can enhance the experience of your holiday and will make you feel more like you’re hanging out with locals rather than discussing your holiday with other tourists.

While it’s fun to meet other travellers, there are times where you might want to consider mingling with the locals to learn more about the local culture, discover hidden gems and ultimately get a better understanding of traditions and how people live their lives.

Renting can be more convenient for larger groups

If you’re travelling with a large group of people, such as a big family or group of friends, then renting becomes a much more convenient (and often cheaper) solution than booking hotel rooms. This is because rented holiday accommodation is a fixed price for the number of rooms you get. You’re not forced to pay extra because you have multiple guests and the overall price is a lot lower because it doesn’t include things like room service.

In addition, if you book for a long period of time (such as over a week) then you’ll get discounts as well. This can add to the savings you can expect and it’s a brilliant way to book a cheaper holiday for your entire group.

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