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7 Things a Pregnancy Massage Can Help With

Your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy, many of which cause discomfort that can't be treated with medicine. Pregnancy massage has been growing in popularity as a way to alleviate general pregnancy discomfort. Massage therapy is a natural, alternative therapy that encompasses a range of techniques and practices that benefit the body and the mind. The gentle techniques used in pregnancy massage can be very beneficial for women seeking relief from the uncomfortable changes their bodies undergo.

What is a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is a gentle massage that incorporates several massage techniques. Massage therapy helps pregnant women cope with the physical discomfort of pregnancy. Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body and stresses the back, shoulders, neck, and abdominal muscles. Prenatal massage is a holistic way to treat muscle and joint pain, including lower back pain.

What to expect during a pregnancy massage.

A qualified massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage will use Swedish massage techniques to reduce muscle tension and improve blood flow. Prenatal massage therapists cannot use the same strong pressure or deep tissue techniques you might experience in a regular massage. Specific pressure points in the wrists and ankles could induce contractions if stimulated. There are also specific essential oils that must be avoided in a prenatal massage as they can induce contractions.
Pregnant women receive prenatal massages in a side-lying position, as lying on the back is inadvisable after the first trimester. Your prenatal massage therapist will use pillows and foam cut-outs to help support your tummy and prevent additional muscle strain. How much skin you choose to expose and what creams or lotions the therapist uses, if any, is entirely up to you. Your massage therapist will talk with you about your massage goals, problem areas, and any health concerns you have before starting.
Pregnancy Massage from endota spa will nourish your body, nurture your mind, and leave you in a state of deep relaxation. A qualified prenatal massage therapist will deliver a customized 60-minute treatment to relieve tension and calm your pregnancy aches and pains. endota spa is a haven for women where they can escape life's stressors and find relaxation. Explore to find a spa location offering pregnancy massage and book your next appointment today.

The health benefits of pregnancy massage.

Before you make an appointment for a pregnancy massage, talk to your midwife or maternity care provider to ensure that maternal massages are safe for you. Women who are in their first trimester, those experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or at risk for miscarriage, and those with high blood pressure should avoid pregnancy massage. Massage therapy performed by a qualified massage therapist is generally considered safe.
  1. Stress: an effective prenatal massage reduces stress hormones and increases hormone levels in depressed women.
  2. Relaxation: prenatal massage rejuvenates pregnant women's energy by giving them the chance to rest and relax. Joint pain, muscle aches, and sciatica make it difficult to find a comfortable resting position when pregnant. Massage promotes muscle relaxation and pain relief.
  3. Anxiety: the rest and relaxation that comes from prenatal massage improves overall mood and reduces anxiety.
  4. Connection: hormonal changes cause many pregnant women to feel uncomfortable with their bodies and experience a change in their intimate relationship. Prenatal massage helps women who are "touch deprived" build a sense of connection and rapport.
  5. Nausea: depending on the pregnant woman, massage can relieve nausea and heartburn.
  6. Sleep: the relaxation that stems from pain relief and decreased muscle tension leads to improved sleep quality.
  7. Labor: prenatal massage can help improve the progression of labor, be an effective way to manage pain during labor, and improve your emotional experience of the birthing process.
Pregnancy massage comes with many physical and emotional benefits just like a regular massage. If you are new to the concept, talk with your doctor to ensure you are fit for massage, and see the difference a prenatal massage can make.

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