Thursday, 2 July 2020

8 Ways To Become A More Positive Individual

The way a human being views a situation can make such a huge difference to its eventual outcome. We obviously cannot calculate the actual percentages, but it seems like life is about 90% mental – with the other 10% being covered by all other aspects almost equally. Our brains are the most important parts of us; our thought processes are so vital when it comes to solving a problem. If we’re confident in doing something, then the chances are that we’ll accomplish whatever it is in front of us. If we’re a little shaky and nervous, then we’re likely to gravitate towards failure. It’s weird how that kind of attraction works, but that’s just the way things are. 

The power and the pull that our brains have means that it’s so very important to be a positive person in this life. If you’re a (seemingly) natural pessimist, positivity might seem like delusion – the idea of someone constantly pointing out the good when things go bad can kind of seem that way! It’s not delusional, however. It’s a good way to think if you want what you crave in life. The good thing about positivity is that any human being on the planet can behave in such a way – even those who seem miserable 24/7! 

If you want to change your outlook and your overall mindset, then good for you – there’s no better time to start than the present. Positivity is something that can be trained and drilled into you, so don’t doubt yourself in this respect. It may take a while, but it’s a skill like so many others that needs to be honed. Here are ten ways anyone can become a more positive individual:

Just Practice It

Simply start off by trying to see all the good that comes from a situation. If you’re in a bad place mentally or have always been somewhat pessimistic, then this might seem like a stretch, but it’s actually something that will become easier over time. If you just give it a go, then your brain will get used to it. The reason why you don’t do it right now is simply that your brain has been conditioned to think a little more negatively. There’s no secret formula; it’s just a case of keeping at it most of the time.

Cut Toxicity Out Of Your Life 

When you’re constantly around negativity and things that make you feel bad, you’re going to bounce off of them, and they’re going to have a prolonged effect on how you see things. People that are constantly bringing you down will not help at all in this journey. Negative habits and being in a job you hate also will agitate you. If you lose the toxic stuff, you can then move on and be happier. 

Make Sure You Constantly Have Lots Of Energy

When you lack energy in terms of the food you eat and the liquids you consume, your brain starts to behave in a manner that’s not exactly as healthy as you’d like. The brain needs to be fed just as much as the stomach – when you’re hungry, your mind starts to spiral into negative thoughts. Make sure that you’re constantly topping yourself up in terms of eating, drinking, and resting – you’ll be rewarded for it.

Focus On Your Physical Self 

We’ll follow on from the last point by emphasizing just how important the physical side is in aiding the mental side. If you sit around and think, then the chances are that you’ll end up overthinking and getting into a bad mindset. Be sure to keep active as much as you can. Exercise when you have free time and are able to do so. Also, be sure to keep your body in good condition medically. If you need to take heartburn tablets, CBD oil, or some kind of antidepressant, then make sure you’re keeping disciplined.

Think About All The Pessimists In Your Life 

If you take a step back from yourself a second and have a little think about others, you’re able to get quite the perspective. Look at those in life that you perceive to be negative all of the time – how are they doing right now? Are you in a good place? Some may be, but the chances are that they absolutely could be doing better. They’re constantly blaming others for their issues and aren’t taking accountability for where they are in life. Does this sound correct to you? Well, if you’re also a bit of a pessimist, then you can put yourself firmly in the same category as them. Do you want to be in that category? No? Well, make the change!

Go To Work On Yourself  

Put effort into your life. Actually do your best to try and rise up regarding your job, your hobbies, and your overall life goals. Instead of looking for short-term highs and becoming happy using others, actually look to boost yourself up. If you become a better you, then you’ll be much happier and, thus, more positive going forward.

Recognize That Most Successful People Are Optimistic In Life

This is similar to what we talked about before in that we’re going to quickly discuss how others behave and where it gets them. We mentioned that negative people often end up in negative spots due to this kind of magnetic attraction. The same applies to those who are positive. All of the people in the world that believe in themselves and project positivity tend to end up in a good place. People who make lots of money are optimistic and consistently try to improve. You should follow suit on this. If you constantly plug away and believe in yourself, the way of positivity just starts to be a part of you. 

Quit Being A Nasty Person 

This is an easy idea, but one that some people can’t let go of. We all do it from time to time, and it’s tremendously toxic. Stop saying bad things about others. Just cut it out. Even if you truly dislike someone, stop speaking ill of them. You’ll be impacted positively by this.

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