Monday, 13 July 2020

Manifesting Our Dream Home

It's happening again... I'm getting itchy feet.

No I'm not about to trade Jon in for a newer model (who has the energy for that, these days?!) ... it's the ever familiar desire to move house!

It's always the same story, I find our "dream house"...we move in, I'm in love with it for about a year...then slowly I start getting bored with it. 

This has happened pretty much ever since I moved out of my family fact this is the 5th home I've lived in over the past 10 years. 

When we moved into this house, I was convinced it was PERFECT for's a stones throw from several beaches, we can see the sea from our back windows, it has TONS of storage space with a huge cellar  underneath and a big garage as well as a loft, and lots of cupboard and built in wardrobe space too. The rooms felt like a decent size,  I loved the bay windows and the palm tree in our front yard too.

But things change...when we moved to this house we had one small toddler.

Now, with 3 children aged from 4 - 7 living here, it feels like we've simply outgrown the house...and there are things I really want in a home that we just don't have here.

Don't get me wrong, there's lots about it that I do still love and I'm in no hurry to move.

This time I want to try to do things differently, and instead of rushing in to finding a new home - I want to take our time. I want to have a go at manifesting our perfect home!

I've talked before about the law of attraction, and how I've used it to manifest all sorts of things into my life over the years - from my relationship to my earnings, trips and holidays - all sorts of things!
So why not a home too?!

The first rule of manifesting is to get really specific about exactly what you want, so that got me thinking - what would my dream home for our family look like?

Here are my must-haves:

1) A proper back garden

The one we have now isn't really a garden at all - it's the garage roof with some artificial grass placed down! It's better than nothing and we were very grateful to have any outside space at all during the lockdown, but as the kids are getting older it's becoming less suitable.

They want to be able to play outside whenever suits them, but as the garden is accessed via steep steps and is a good 8 feet off the ground, it's not somewhere we can let them play freely - they have to be constantly supervised and I'm always nervous about accidents.

I want somewhere that I can just open up some patio doors and let the kids go outside to play without me having to carry them up and down stairs...somewhere I can sit inside with a cup of tea and watch them play happily. We simply can't do that here.

2) A bigger kitchen

The biggest downside of this house is that the kitchen is absolutely TINY! It's barely big enough for two people to stand in, and the size of it means that we're not able to keep our fridge freezer in it - that lives in the playroom which is pretty inconvenient.

I'd ideally love a kitchen with a nice, airy open feel to it. Somewhere with plenty of counter space I've been browsing the laminate worktops from HC Supplies for some inspiration and have also had my eye on the the beautiful quartz worktops or granite worktops from Stone Synergy.  I love the grey and white look for kitchens so these would be ideal.

I'd also like it to be large enough to fit a dining table, too - ours is currently in the living room!

3) An extra bedroom

Right now we have 3 bedrooms, meaning that Tyne & Sailor are sharing. We may decide to have a fourth baby one day, and I'm just not sure how that would work here. Even without a 4th baby, I'd love the children to have a room each or to have a room spare for a dedicated office. 

4) A sea view

Although we can see the sea from our back yard and back windows, which is fantastic!, I would really love to have a sea view from the living room window - that would be absolute bliss to a thalassophile like me.

I'd also love our next house to have big windows letting in lots of natural light.

5) A conservatory or at least a separate room for a dedicated Playroom

My sister and my mum both have conservatories which they use as playrooms and this would be IDEAL for us.
 We need somewhere with lots of storage space, and having a dedicated play space is important for us as home educators given that the children are always here.

6) A dedicated parking space

Although we have a garage, it's an awkward position and we can't actually get our car into it so we just use it for storage - instead we have to park on the street which isn't always possible as the neighbours park there too, so our next house needs to have a drive ideally.

So those are my must haves, my cosmic shopping list if you will! Now that I've set my intention to find this house within our budget, it's a case of focusing on it and waiting for the Universe to deliver - I have every faith in her! She's never let me down before.

What would your dream home look like? I'd love to hear your own cosmic shopping list ideas!

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