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15 Totally Hilarious Pranks and Gag Gifts for Silly Couples

For many couples, they judge their commitment to one another based on moments of romance and cuteness. But for others, a true test of compatibility and resilience is being able to get extremely silly with each other. When you play pranks on each other, you're able to establish stronger connections by letting your guard down while also showing your creativity. 

Buying gag gifts and being able to have a laugh about it will show your significant other a side of your personality that most people probably don't get to see. And the more crazy and extreme you let your pranks get, the more comfortable you may find yourself getting with your partner. 

It's important to remember that it's all in good fun. But playing pranks on each other - whether it's on April Fool's Day, a birthday, or just a random day of the week - is a great way to rekindle or even ignite a new passion between the two of you, all while having some good chuckles along the way. 

Interested in learning more? Then continue reading and we'll walk you through some of the top pranks and gag gifts for couples that you need to know about!

1. The Balancing Water Prank

This is a classic barroom prank that can be a lot of fun, especially on one of your first dates. When you two meet at a bar, have your boyfriend put both of their hands on the table, palms facing down. Then, take a full glass of water and place it on top of the back of his hands. 

Challenge him to remove the glass of water without spilling any of it. While he struggles to remove the glass, grab both your beer as well as his and just walk away. You'll get to laugh as he watches you drink his beer and he's left with a full glass of water stuck on his hands. 

2. The Phone Switcheroo

We all love our smartphones. Their shiny, extremely helpful, and often very expensive. In order to pull this prank off, go on a site like Craigslist and purchase a defunct replica of your girlfriend's phone. 

As long as the phone doesn't work, it should be very cheap to buy. Then, smash the phone with a hammer and place it where your girlfriend normally keeps her phone. Put her actual phone somewhere hidden.

Then, you just get to wait as you the priceless reaction of her waking up to a totally destroyed phone. 

3. Caramel Onions

This one is short and sweet. You might not know this but an onion actually has a very similar shape to an apple. Maybe you're picking up on where we're going with this.

Essentially, your boyfriend is going to find what appear to be delicious and sweet caramel apples. But when they buy into the fruity confection, they're actually going to end up with a mouth full of onions. 

This recipe will make a total of six caramel onions. First, cut off the ends of the onions. You want them to look as apple-shaped as you possibly can.

Then, stick wooden craft sticks into the onions. Unwrap all of the caramels that come in a fourteen-ounce bag and pour them into a bowl.

Add one tablespoon of milk and microwave the mix for one minute. Then, stir it all up and give it one more minute in the microwave. 

Roll the onions in the camera. Use a rubber spatula to spread the confection and cover the total surface of every onion. Put the onions on a greased cookie sheet and let them cool off in the refrigerator. 

Then, you just sit back and wait for your sweetie to taste it for themselves!

Also, if you want, you can throw in some actual caramel apples in their too to add some more confusion. 

4. The Not-So Hard-Boiled Eggs Prank

Does your girlfriend love hard-boiled eggs? If so, then you're going to have to try this prank on her. 

It's probably one of the easiest and simplest pranks out there. All you have to do is take some fresh, raw eggs and put them into a container. Label the container: Hard-Boiled Eggs. 

Now, all you have to do is wait for your girlfriend to make some breakfast. Watch as she breaks open a raw egg and gets yolk everywhere. 

5. The One-Day Giant Prank

Now, this prank takes a good amount of work, but the end result is absolutely priceless. The main goal here is to convince your man that he suddenly grew by a whole lot overnight. So, how do you pull this off?

It's all about scale. Basically, you want to shrink every. Shrink his clothes, buy travel-sized versions of all of his toiletries, etc. There's no limit to how small you want to make things.

Watch as he suddenly gets very confused about how none of his clothes fit anymore and everything around his seems to be getting tinier and tinier. 

6. Salted Cookies

Cook up a batch of delicious-looking chocolate chip cookies. But here's the catch, instead of sugar, use salt instead. Place the cookies on a plate or put them in a lovely little tin. 

Leave the cookies out on the table and wait for your hungry partner to come down and bite into one.

7. Sticky Sanitizer

Sanitizing your hands is more important than ever. But that doesn't mean that you can't have a little fun with it. 

Take a bottle of hand sanitizer and empty out the clear liquid. Now, squirt some glue in its place. 

The next time you see your lover, offer them a few squirts. Then, feel free to start to laugh as they continue to rub in the "sanitizer" and get their hands stuck together. 

8. The Magic Glass 

Fill a glass up with water. Then, take a card or piece of cardboard and flip it over onto a table. Gently slide out the card, leaving an upside-down glass and the water trapped inside. 

Now, challenge your boyfriend to remove the glass without getting water everywhere.

9. The Wake Up Water Cup Prank

As you can probably tell by now, we love a good water prank. It's easy to clean up but still hazardous enough to create some stakes. Now, this prank takes some work but the effort is certainly worth the results.

As your partner sleeps, go out and buy a bunch of plastic party cups. Then fill up every cup to the brim with water. 

Before they wake up, cover the entire floor of their bedroom with filled cups of water. When they wake up, they'll be completely surrounded by cups of water, trapped on their own island as they try to figure out how to get out. 

10. All Eyes on You

Has your girlfriend ever complained that you don't pay enough attention to her? Well, she doesn't need to fear anymore. She's about to get more eyes on her than she ever could have wanted. 

For this prank, you're going to want to buy a bunch of those fun googly eyes that kids love to put on crafts. Glue the googly eyes to every single item in your refrigerator. 

If you run out of eyes, then get a magic marker and draw eyes on. You can go even further and draw lips and noses too. 

Now, when she goes to make herself breakfast, she'll be confronted by dozens of eyes just staring at her, from the jug of milk to the carton of eggs. 

11. The Pee Prank

Do you really want to shock your boyfriend? Well, this prank is definitely going to leave him scratching his head. If you're a couple that's very comfortable with each other, then you both probably pee with the door open. 

Yeah, that's probably not going to happen anymore after you're done with this prank, but the reaction is definitely going to be worth it. 

First off, you're going to want to purchase the Whizzinator. Then, affix it to yourself and set the whole thing up. This is a product that's often used as a way to pass urine drug tests, but it's also a fantastic item for pranking your boyfriend or husband. 

After the prop is all set up, start a casual conversation with your boyfriend, making sure that they can see the bathroom from where they're sitting. Then, as you keep talking, walk into the bathroom, undo your pants, and start "peeing" while standing up. Make sure that the prosthetic penis is sticking out. 

Wait as they turn to the bathroom and their jaw drops in total shock and confusion. 

12. The Plastic Wrap Pee Prank

Okay, just give us one more pee-centric prank. This one is much more simple but it's also a little messy. To perform this prank, all you need is a little bit of plastic wrap.

Take the wrap and stretch it over the rim of the toilet. Then, just wait as your boyfriend goes to pee in the morning. The pee will bounce right off the plastic wrap and go every which way.

13. All of the Noise

Is your girlfriend someone who's extremely groggy in the morning? Well, this is one way to wake her up. Take a bunch of bubble wrap and place is under a rug by the bed.

Then, when your girlfriend finally gets up, she'll create a loud popping sound with every step she takes. It's bound to wake her up in no time at all. 

14. A Different Mint Cookie

This prank is an absolute classic but is also never not funny. It's also easy to pull off. 

First off, you want to take some Oreos and split them open. Scrape off all of the creme inside and put the biscuits to the side. Then, grab some white toothpaste and use a butter knife to spread the toothpaste evenly over the cookies.

Offer your girlfriend the minty cookies, maybe with some tea or coffee to show just how good of a boyfriend you really are. Her expression is going to be amazing when she gets that minty flavor instead of the sugar she was expecting.  

Just make sure your significant other isn't going to send you to jail over it.

15. The Pennywise Prank

If you really want to scare your boyfriend, then this a perfect prank to try out. First off, you two should watch the movie It the night or two before you perform the prank. This way, the film will be fresh in his mind. 

Then, blow up some red balloons and travel to all of the places you expect your boyfriend throughout the day. Tie a red balloon outside each location and wait for him to come home. 

When he tells you what he saw, tell him that you saw the same things throughout the day and watch as he trembles in fear and confusion. See how long you can keep the prank going, adding more and more balloons with each passing day.

The Importance of Pulling Pranks on Each Other

It's not always easy to laugh at ourselves. But by pranking your significant other, and by allowing yourself to get pranked, you actually show just how trusting of your partner you really are. This is a fantastic way to strengthen your bonds and maybe even establish some new traditions along the way. 

Just make sure that your partner would be game with whatever prank you're trying to pull. It's usually good to start small and build up to bigger pranks so you don't end up scaring them off. 

Are you looking for other hilarious articles like this one? If so, then you should make sure to check out the rest of our blog today for more! 


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