Friday, 28 August 2020

How I keep a Clean Home with Three Home-Schooled Kids

1. Involve your children in the cleaning tasks.

The easiest way to make your children more interested in keeping your home clean and tidy is to make them take part of your housekeeping work. If they learn how to do some simple chores and help you in whatever way they can in your household work,  I find this helps make the daily clean up more enjoyable, an activity for everyone to join in on and less like a mundane task.

 It doesn’t have to be any heavy duty chores, just simple tasks like making a bed, or helping to set the table for dinner and cleaning up toys after they’ve been played with, all helps to keep our home clean and tidy whilst being a great way to help kids grow and learn some useful habits that will not only help you, but give them life skills and independence for their future!

2. Have easy to clean floors.

One of my constant struggles is keeping the floors clean at this stage of life with kids. There seems to constantly something on the floor that doesn’t belong there. With three children it can be difficult at times to keep the floors clean with little crumbs and messy hands and feet running through the house. I think having a Vinyl flooring  or Laminate flooring  that is 100% waterproof and extremely hard-wearing would suit my lifestyle and my families. Having an easy clean floor would be especially helpful when it comes to spills or stains as this can be easily wiped and carpets aren’t being stained. A laminate flooring or anything similar is also easy for kids to help brush and tidy.

3. Limit food to certain areas.

Although this is a great tip… sometimes this is easier said than done. I try my best to keep my little ones at the dining table when they’re eating and having snacks. I find it helps to keep the mess to one area of the house – although mess and crumbs aren’t the worst thing in the world. It makes life a bit easier to keep all the mess to one area of the house rather than every single room, which can be overwhelming at times!

4. Incorporate your cleaning and household work into your school day.

I have found scheduling time once or twice a week for cleaning and household chores in between home-school classes, helps to break up the day whilst being productive. I also find breaking up the  day with any activity is well received for kids too, so getting them to help do a few simple chores  whilst helping to keep our home and school space clean is a big plus.

I find that my kids enjoy doing these tasks with me as they like to feel involved and also enjoy the reward that comes with helping out. Changing mental with physical activities also gives kids a welcome break from bookwork and gets out a bit of energy at the same time. A win-win!

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