Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Things To Know When Visiting Dubai With Kids

Travelling with children can be one of the most rewarding and exciting things you can do as a family, but as someone who has always had a tendency to stick to short haul travel I have to admit that I do find the prospect of visiting more far-flung places with the children in tow a little more daunting.

One ever popular holiday destination is Dubai. I've read a lot of blog posts about families holidaying  there recently, and I have to say - it does look like somewhere we'd like to try in the future. The stunning hotels alone are enough to draw me in! Getting there is pretty easy, with plenty of airlines including 
Arabia Airlines (العربية للطيران) flying in to Dubai airport every day.

But what should you know before travelling with children to Dubai? I've been doing some research into this, so here's what I've found out.

What To Wear

Although Dubai is generally open-minded and relaxed when it comes to dress code for tourists, it is recommended to adopt a "sensible" sense of dress to avoid any offense - for women this means shoulders and knees should be covered, and it may be worth carrying a light headscarf with you just incase you venture somewhere off the beaten track where you may be asked to cover your hair (this is unlikely in the more tourist areas).

Children through are usually permitted to dress according to the weather, without the same restrictions.

What To Eat

Food is likely to be one of the main concern for families visiting with young children, but as Dubai has such a large number of International visitors there is plenty of more typical Western food on offer in most places - the shopping malls even have familiar fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC, and you won't struggle to find child-friendly restaurants dotted around.

Where To Stay

There are tons of child friendly hotel options available to you, with the most popular choice of course being the famous Atlantis isn't cheap of course, but if you manage to find The cheapest flight (ارخص طيران) for your trip then perhaps you can splurge on your hotel a little.  But worry not as most hotels in the city are family friendly, and will offer good facilities for children.

Places To Visit

The choice of things to do with children in Dubai is almost endless - from visiting the world's tallest tower, The Burj Khalifa, and watching the dancing water display of the The Dubai Fountain at its base - to visiting the stunning Kite Beach or perhaps enjoying a dessert safari camel ride in the dunes. 

There's also the Etihad Museum, IMG Worlds Of Adventure indoor theme park and City Walk shopping area with it's childrens playgrounds and entertainment. 

There is something for every taste, you certainly won't be short of things to do!

Have you ever visited Dubai with children? I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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