Wednesday, 19 August 2020

What Every It Girl Is Wearing This Summer

When you go to get dressed every morning, do you ever stare blankly into your closet and ask yourself, “What am I going to wear?” You may feel like you have nothing to wear or you’re not particularly inspired at the moment. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of outfits that every “it” girl is wearing this summer.

While you may not be leaving the house much this summer, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on plus size summer fashion. This is one of the most exciting seasons for style because the trends are bolder than they have ever been before, and you can use this time to try out new styles and have fun with fashion. From bright neon colors to mixing stripes and polka dots, you won’t want to spend your summer in sweatpants and a hoodie.

So, whether you have big plans or you’re just keeping it casual around the house, these outfits will make you feel on-trend and stylish.

The TikTok Girl

If you haven’t been spending your days watching TikTok, are you even doing quarantine right? TikTok has taken the world by storm, and there is so much fashion inspiration at the swipe of a finger. Among all the inspo, the look that all the cool girls are wearing on TikTok seems to be rather simple, though. Take an oversized T–shirt—and when we say oversized, we mean two sizes larger than your usual—and pair it with some biker shorts and a cute pair of sneakers. To glam up the look a bit, you can add dainty gold necklaces or hoop earrings.


All Eyes on You

Do you love to be the center of attention? If so, make sure you incorporate bold neon colors into your wardrobe this summer. Top off a pair of jeans with bright-colored plus size babydoll tops for a laid-back look that also draws in attention. This summer, take risks with color!



Tie-Dye Chic

Sure, every girl has a tie-dyed hoodie or T-shirt, but not everyone has a plus size tie-dye dress in their closet. If you want to partake in this summer trend, but want to put your own spin on it, dresses are the best way to go. You can dress your tie-dye dress up or down for any occasion and you could also wear it around the house for an elevated yet relaxed look.


Color Blocked to Perfection

Not only are bright neon colors in this summer, but pairing them together to create sophisticated color-blocked outfits is a major move. Pair a bright-colored crop top with a mini skirt that has a contrasting color for a confidence-boosting and bold look. Or, if you would like a more subtle color-blocked look, throw on one of your favorite plus size babydoll dresses and add a statement handbag that boasts a contrasting hue. Color-blocked outfits are super easy to create, but they look like masterpieces!

The Slip Dress

Summer wouldn’t be complete without chic dresses. And this season, the chicest dress of them all will grace our presence: the slip dress. These gorgeous dresses are perfect for the hot summer days because they are lightweight and easy to throw on in a hurry. You can dress a slip dress down with fashion sneakers or dress them up with heels and dainty jewelry. And since slip dresses were first worn as undergarments, you could easily get away with wearing this around the house if you need a pick-me-up!


The Monochromatic Neutral

Yes, neon colors are in, but so are neutrals. If you want to create an impactful look, but colors aren’t your thing, no problem! Find a neutral tone that you love, like olive, beige, tan, brown or rust, and create an entire outfit out of just that color. You will look so chic and modern! Since this outfit is monochromatic, it should be fairly simple to accessorize. Add some dainty necklaces or a bold gold cuff to your wrist and go with whatever shoes feel best—from sneakers to heels. Top this look off with your favorite pair of retro sunnies and you’re an “it” girl, darling!


Half and Half

If you’re a naturally bold fashionista and you are looking for a challenge this summer, you’ll love this look. Print and pattern mixing and pairing is a huge trend this season. Find shirts, pants, shorts or skirts that combine two patterns in one garment. For example, a mini skirt that has stripes on one side and then polka dots or florals on the other side. You’ll also see jeans that have one leg bleached and the other leg untouched. If this sounds like a style challenge you’re willing to accept, we can’t wait to see you rock it!


The Jumpsuit

It might be hot out, but one of the hottest trends we have our eyes on this summer is the jumpsuit. This garment is effortlessly stylish and it pairs well with every occasion. This summer, faux leather and denim jumpsuits are what your favorite fashionistas are wearing, but you could also opt for a color-blocked, monochromatic or contrasting print jumpsuit, too! We also love a good jumpsuit to wear around the house if you’re stuck inside!

Meshed Up

If you are looking for a creative way to subtly show off skin this summer, look no further than a mesh T-shirt dress or top. Mesh was a huge hit on the runways during New York Fashion Week, and the material is ultra-practical for summer temperatures. Pair your mesh pieces with a tank top dress or a bralette and some biker shorts for a trendy look.


No matter what your plans are for the summer, what you wear has a huge impact on your confidence. So if you find yourself feeling down or unmotivated, bookmark this style guide so you can easily find inspiration for a trendy outfit. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel comfortable! We already think you’re an “it” girl!


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