Thursday, 24 September 2020

3 Reasons to Install a Pool Fence

 Building a pool can be an expensive and complicated undertaking, but it's important not to forget about safety if you're planning to put one in your backyard. Given the risk of drowning, slipping, or having some other accident in and around your pool area, it's smart to invest in a pool fence as soon as you're able to.

Not only is installing a pool fence required in many places, but it also protects your family and shields you from legal liability in the case of someone else being injured. If you're still not convinced, let's go over three reasons to install a pool fence in your back yard.

1. Safety

The safety of your family, and anyone else who uses your pool, is paramount. Drowning accidents are the number one cause of accidental deaths in children ages one to four. A pool fence that surrounds the entire circumference of the pool and is at least four feet high with a locked gate will prevent kids or pets from accessing the area when they're alone. Keeping your pool in a separate area from the rest of your card will reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling in, especially if the surrounding area is wet or prone to getting slippery.

2. Liability

In many municipalities, laws require that all pools have a pool fence. There can be differing requirements for materials and height, so make sure you check into your local regulations before you get one installed. You don't want to have to spend even more money later to replace or adjust your fence and you can be charged penalties by the city if you're caught not in compliance.

Homeowners who want insurance with liability coverage are also often required to put fencing around their pools as well. You can also open yourself up to being sued by someone else if anyone else ever has an accident in your pool or backyard, especially one that could've been avoided with fencing.

3. Privacy and Protection

There are plenty of reasons to keep your pool area private. It provides a more relaxing environment for you and your family, it keeps any wildlife from disrupting the area or the landscaping, and home buyers prefer a fenced-in pool, making it a better idea if you want your investment to maintain its value when it comes time to sell. Since there are so many different types of fencing, it's easy to make a variety of different types fit in with the style of your home and won't reduce its yard appeal.

When looking for a pool fence, you can also consider other safety products like pool nets, pool safety covers, and automatic covers. Getting a pool cover that is adequately protective is key, and a pool net is an easy way to keep your pool covered and safe at crowded gatherings or when you don't intend for it to be in use. Do your research and make sure you hire a professional who is well-versed in both the products and the laws surrounding pool fencing and safety in your area.

The safety concerns on their own are a compelling enough reason for most families to invest in pool fencing for their backyard, but many people don't know that they may also be legally required to do so. On top of that, legal regulations also specify which materials and what height requirements fencing must meet in order to avoid paying a penalty. You may also have difficulty getting certain types of insurance coverage, and your liability for any accidents is incredibly high. Protect yourself, your family, and your home and look into the benefits of investing in pool safety before you get started on any construction project.

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