Tuesday, 22 September 2020

How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

While undergarments may seem like a simple necessity, there's something special about fancy lingerie. Lingerie is meant to make a woman, or anyone who identifies as a woman, feel comfortable in their body. These special pieces in your closet have typically been used in the past for special occasions; anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings. However, women have been taking back these antiquated beliefs and are choosing to wear lingerie every day, without a special reason.

Unfortunately, many women don't feel confident shopping for the right lingerie for their bodies. Whether it is due to self-confidence issues or the inability to justify a large indulgence, there are many hurdles that can get in the way of buying women's lingerie. However, it's incredibly easy to understand what type of lingerie will make you feel sexy and strong, all you have to do is shop for your body type — here's how.

How do I choose the right lingerie for my body?


If your hips and butt are your most prized asset, you'll want to pick lingerie that shows off your features in a proportional way. The best option for this is a negligee or nightie that is tight around your breasts but comes down flowy over your hips, as well as a thong if you are comfortable showing some skin. Other options include babydoll dresses and corsets to bring attention to your bust and hips equally.


A woman is classified as curvy when her hips and shoulders are about the same width, with a slender waistline and an ample bust. You'll want to accentuate your bust with bras and panties with the perfect fit — you are lucky enough to look great in all kinds of lingerie but you need to ensure it fits properly. When you try on a bra, check for gaps between the breast and the cup, test the straps and if they allow your shoulders and arms to rotate and move naturally, and make sure the band doesn't dig into the top of your ribcage. If needed, make sure to get professionally fitted for the right bra size. Looking for inspiration on different bra styles? Choosing a balcony, a push-up, or a corset bra will highlight your assets beautifully.


Women who are tall, slender, and have hips about the same width as their shoulders are classified as athletic body types. When shopping for lingerie for this body type you'll want to choose pieces that make your body look more curvy and soft. This can easily be done with tailored chemises and boy briefs, which help define your natural curves while looking sensuous. For an extra touch, add suspenders and a nice silky robe that cinches at the waist for extra definition.

Inverted Triangle

Those with an inverted triangle body type have large, broad shoulders and small waistlines. So there are two ways you can highlight your body — through a halter top that lengthens the torso, or you pick can from the variety of rompers available to make everyone look at your entire body, not just parts of it!

Choosing lingerie shouldn't be hard when you pick pieces that fit your body type and size. But remember, at the end of the day, lingerie is there to make you feel beautiful and sexy, so you can't go wrong with what you pick. Don't be afraid to experiment with what you choose and have fun shopping!

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