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Testing a Posture-Improving Bra

If you are anything like me, you will feel me when I say that you feel as comfortable in your skin as your bra makes you feel comfortable. A run-of-the-mill bra makes me prone to neck and shoulder pain because of the poor weight distribution, and by lunchtime I find myself obsessing about a lie-down.

Over the years, I found several models I was more or less happy with. However, my current model keeps me almost embarrassingly happy. Note that “almost” part, I am never leaving well enough alone, so I keep my eyes peeled for new favorites; you can count on being updated!

Posture bra from Ortorex, current Holy Grail

I got Ortorex posture-improvement bra a few weeks back, and it is always with regret that I put it in the laundry, and if this doesn’t describe the way I feel about it, I don’t know what will. True, I have had great bra models before, and some of them provided awesome benefits for my back. But this time around and what I find particularly rewarding about this model is that it is a winning combination of shaping undergarment and a functional piece supporting the back. Win-win!

Although I have to admit I am not a fan of the materials used as I am more of a natural-feel kind of girl. But I guess the purpose of the bra (shaping, lifting, and, of course, posture correcting) determine the use of the materials in a major way, and there is no overriding the need for more resistant texture.

Why Posture Corrector Bra?

Features and materials

Like I said, the choice of materials is not necessarily to my liking: it is 89% polyamide and 11% elastane. The product has a full-bra shape, completely wire-free and unlined. The wide back part in mesh and X-straps is what provides the support for the back and acts as a distributor for the weight. It has adjustable straps with hook-and-eye system, and a matching frontal closure for a perfect fit.

Usability and functionality

When I say “perfect”, I mean it very literally: the bra is build for adjusting to your cup and circumference. As a result, you get zero flab, bra lines, double-boob spilling or side boob going on. I love it that the bra is totally undetectable under the tees and sweaters, and can even work with most gowns I have.

This is essentially important to me: Ortorex bra works for my plus-size figure quite effortlessly. My bosom acquires this lovely and very naturally-looking shape thanks to the gentle compression and reliable lifting.

The style

Ortorex bra features accurate seams, and this is another drawback, according to me. I prefer seamless models. It is quite simple and sleek otherwise – this sophisticated look I enjoy very much in my underwear. The model is available in nude (love!), black and off-white colors, so you can integrate them smoothly into your wardrobe.

 The feel

Have I mentioned the nice feeling of having my chest “hugged” and supported? Well, it is there. Make sure you pick the right size though, for this model it is fairly easy thanks to the impressive size chart (B to H, 75cm to 110cm size scale).

Pros and cons

For what it’s worth, I have already pinpointed the things I would change about Ortorex bra, but best I sum those up in the traditional +/- lists:


    Soft wireless support

    Great weight distribution

    Broad X-backside in mesh

    Awesome shaping and lifting

    Ideal fit

    Frontal closure with 6 rows




    Fully synthetic material composition

Benefits for posture and back pain

The best part of my posture corrector bra is that it truly helps me eliminate the dull pain and pulling sensation in my back, neck and shoulders. I feel like my breasts are comfortably cupped and firmly supported without chafing, cutting or poor esthetics of the underwear showing in my clothing in any way. Would I buy it again? I might get a model in a different color (I now have it in nude), and if I am not finding anything more inspiring by the time I feel like stocking up on underwear, why not!

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