Tuesday, 6 October 2020

5 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

Planning a staycation is one of the best ways to unwind and get some much needed rest and relaxation — without the hassle of actually traveling. No packing, no itinerary and of course no money spent on all those traveling expenses. Whether you're taking your staycation to keep the budget in check or to make the most of your time, there are plenty of ways to deck out your place and make it feel special for your stay. Take a weekend or a whole week long to unwind in your paradise — who knows? You may want to keep these little touches long after your staycation is over. 

1. Tidy Up

Your house might not feel like a luxurious hotel or a sweet and cozy Airbnb, but you can get it there with a bit of decluttering. Clutter and mess cause stress for the mind. Taking some time to clear out the clutter before your staycation can help you walk into your home with fresh eyes so you can view the space like a visitor would. Not only will tidying up serve your staycation — it'll make your home a more relaxing environment going forward.

2. Love Your Outdoor Space

Whether you're camping in the backyard for your staycation or simply keeping it chill in the house, the outdoors can be a relaxing place to soak in your surroundings. Take a bit of time to deck out your patio, porch or outdoor space and make it extra beautiful. Maybe get some fairy lights, add a fire pit for s'mores or add an outdoor heater if your nights are getting chilly. Lay out in the sun with a book all day and take in the gorgeous stars all night long.

3. Deck Out Your Bathroom

If you're looking for the spa treatment, the bathroom might use some of your focus. Clear the clutter and ready your space for relaxing baths, facial masks and any other at-home treatments you have in mind. You can try out an entire spa night on your staycation, complete with candles, music and a fluffy bathrobe. Dim the lights and enjoy it.

4. Get Some Aromatherapy

Speaking of candles, you can douse your home with relaxing scents to truly find your zen all staycation long. While candles are a great option, you can also set up a few essential oil diffusers around the house so you get a touch of relaxation wherever you are. Scents like lavender and chamomile are great for calming and serenity.

5. Delicious Touches

You can't forget about one of the most important parts of any vacation — the food! Stock your pantry with a few of your favorite treats, cook something delicious or order takeout from one of your favorite local eateries. If you're feeling fancy, do all three. Wake yourself up with a special blend of coffee and look forward to a delicious spread every meal.

Make Your Getaway

You don't have to steal away to somewhere far off — you can find relaxation and happiness right in your own home. With just a few touches to liven up the space, you can make the perfect staycation cove, ready for you whenever you need a getaway. 

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