Thursday, 29 October 2020

Top 5 Amazing Family Camping Getaways

Whether you opt for a low-cost, no-frills vacation in a tent, a luxurious holiday in a cabin or something in between, a night in the wild under a star-studded sky is an adventure your family will relish. Need help planning your next outdoor trip?  Here are five marvelous camping getaway ideas for that good old-fashioned family time.

1.      Wild Camping in the Scottish Wilderness

Campfires, stargazing, and lots of hiking along panoramic trails in one of the most beautiful places in the world!  You can never go wrong with wild camping in Scotland.  The country’s dramatic landscape allows you to climb rolling hills one moment, take scenic walks on quiet glens the next, then end with a stroll on a secluded sandy beach on the coast.

 Because many campsites are near the sea, you can combine nature treks with watersports. Go wild swimming, sailing, canoeing, water rafting, and fishing. If mountains are your thing, check out Glen Nevis Camping Park, where you have an unobstructed view of the impressive Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest peak. The best way to get to Scotland quickly and conveniently is by plane. Ensure that your travel insurance includes UK flight delay coverage, if you decide to take a cheeky plane ride.


2.      Go Glamping in the Lake District

The Lake District brims to the top with natural beauty that is both wild and elegant.  Glamping in the Lakelands means you have unlimited access to nature and the outdoors, but with all the added luxury and comforts of home. Imagine trekking rugged mountains and canoeing on pristine lakes all day, then going back to your warm log cabin by night to relax around the campfire. 

 Accommodations in the district are varied and numerous, but the most popular are bell tents, especially during summer.  If you prefer a cozier feel, you can choose from a range of other options, such as pods, wooden cabins, gypsy caravans, and shepherd’s huts.


3.      Stay in a Motorhome in Cornwall

 Cornwall's beach vibe set it apart from the rest of England.  But it is this uniqueness that makes it one of the UK's favorite staycation destinations. If you want to visit a different yet familiar place, head to Cornwall, stay in a motorhome and be awed by the spectacular vistas along its coastline.  Think of beautiful beaches and picturesque ports, as well as ancient castles and lush gardens.

 Most motorhome parks are close to the beach, so your family can try a variety of watersports, like kayaking, canoeing, sailing, even surfing.  If you want to see a different aspect of the countryside, you can go on a nature walk through woodlands, wild moorlands, and vineyards. Don't forget to pack all the your motorhome essentials, including: GPS, drivers license, spare gas tanks for fuel, and your motorhome insurance papers.


4.      Try Canal Cruise Camping

 The UK has stretches of waterways that feature spectacular views only accessible from the deck of a barge or the windows of a narrowboat as it glides through canals.  You can combine the excitement of a canal boat trip with the relaxing ambiance of canal camping.

 Close to the waterways are several campgrounds where you can pitch up and lounge after a fun-filled day of cruising.  You can take a walk along the canal banks, explore the nearby shops, eateries, and local markets, or go canoeing under the magical night sky.

With hundreds of campsites to choose from, you can pitch your tent on a different spot every night. 


5.      Stay in a Treehouse in Wales

 Camping in a treehouse in the mesmerizing countryside of Wales is a unique way to escape the hubbub of city life. You can freely unwind and recharge deep in the heart of nature and the tranquility of the woodlands.  Most of the campsites advocate off-grid living, which allows you to detach from the outside world and focus on reconnecting with your family. 

 When it comes to bonding, nothing beats exploring the outdoors as a family.  The Welsh countryside never lacks for hike and bike trails that cross rolling hills, flower-clad meadows, even rustic villages. Be ready to spot local wildlife or find the perfect picnic site.  

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