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What To Eat And Not To Eat When You Have Rosacea?

Rosacea is a medical condition that affects the human skin and is a prevalent condition found globally in adults over the age of 30.

The condition will appear as if the person is blushing or has suffered severe sunburn.

According to an expert associated with Therapie Clinic – a renowned skin clinic here in the UK, it is a chronic condition that typically affects the central part of an individual’s face or their nose, cheeks, and chin.

It can also affect an individual’s ears, chest, eyes, and neck.

What are its symptoms?

A person with rosacea will exhibit the following symptoms in their skin -

·       Dryness

·       Flaking

·       Bumps

·       Redness

·       Enlarged blood vessels

·       Pimples

·       Flushing

In case their eyes are affected then their eyes might suffer from –

·       Redness

·       Tearing

·       Grittiness

·       Light sensitivity, and

·       Even blurred vision.

What causes this medical condition?

No definitive answer is present for this question in the medical communities around the globe but according to some researchers, rosacea could be the human body’s response to –

·       Chronic inflammation

·       Changes in the immune system or

·       Imbalances in the gut microbiome.

So what should you eat if you have rosacea?

People with rosacea should include the following food items in their diet for the best results –

·       Food items rich in zinc sulphate

·       Bananas

·       Onions

·       Leeks

·       Asparagus

·       Sauerkraut

·       Kefir

·       Miso

·       Whole grains such as oats, barley, sprouted wheat, amaranth.

·       Food items that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish.

·       Garlic

·       Yoghurt

What should you avoid if you have rosacea?

If you have rosacea, steer clear from consuming the following –

Spicy and ‘heavy’ food items

According to a survey conducted on a sample size of 400 individuals, by the American non-profit organization the National Rosacea Society, spicy food items and certain spices led to a flare-up of rosacea symptoms in adults with the medical condition.

Now, the ‘hotness’ in spicy food items comes from the natural chemical compound capsaicin that affects the pain receptors in your skin and if you have rosacea, well then you are in for some bad times ahead.

Hence, avoid eating the following spicy and ‘heavy’ food items if you have rosacea –

·       Citrus fruits

·       Chocolate

·       Tabasco pepper

·       Tomatoes

·       Dairy products

·       Chilli pepper

·       Cinnamon

·       Jalapenos

·       Hot sauce

Alcohol and related ‘hot’ drinks

Clinical research found out that adults, who have rosacea, witnessed a sudden uptick of symptoms when they drank alcoholic beverages. As per experts associated with renowned skin clinics, even a shot of your favourite alcoholic drink could result in the worst of symptoms such as flushed skin or severe redness.

Hence, if you have rosacea, irrespective of the severity, be sure to avoid drinking beverages like wine and related hard liquor like –

·       Gin

·       Champagne

·       Bourbon

·       Vodka

·       Beer

·       Other ‘hot’ beverages such as hot cider, coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

In case you have rosacea, you would need to keep a close watch on your diet hence, it is best that you keep a journal where you will document the food you ate and the symptoms it led to (if any). If you notice that a particular food item is causing more harm than good, remove it from your diet completely. You can also consult with experts associated with renowned skin clinics, for the best results.


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