Friday, 6 November 2020

4 Christmas Ideas for the Whole Family to Enjoy

2020 has been a year like no other, and every family has had to face new challenges.  

That’s why Christmas this year has to be extra special, more exciting and more fun than ever. It’s a time to celebrate what we have, the love, the support, the togetherness. 

This is the year that our choice of gifts takes on a meaning as never before. It’s going to be the thought and personal touches  that go into each gift that will make each one, no matter how luxurious or inexpensive, that much more special.

Here are 4 exciting Christmas ideas for gifts that every family member can share and enjoy.

1.       Personalised ornaments

An inexpensive way to give a unique, fun look to the occasion,  and make each member of the family feel extra special, is to include some personalised Christmas accessories in your decorations.  Stockings, gift sacks, and cushion covers with names and the year, not only add a light touch to the event, but can all carry memories into the future.  They ensure Santa knows which gift to leave where, and can be used time and time again. Use them to add to the sense of magic each Christmas Eve, and they’ll become part of your family’s happy ritual.

2.       Gift an experience

While it tends to be the big-box items which get the most attention on Christmas morning, consider offering the gift of a wonderful experience for your loved one to enjoy later. Choose a voucher for a meal in a special restaurant, a much-anticipated trip to Disneyland Paris, a romantic mini-break or an IOU for a day at the seaside.  As long as what you select is something you know the recipient has been dreaming of, for a long time, this will be a big hit. Just print the details on a beautiful piece of card, and use a gold or silver envelope, so it looks extra special.

3.       An individual treat jar

Boxes of chocolate, or selection packs – well, they’re part of Christmas, but they’re not really so personal.  Instead, why not take a large, attractive treat jar, for each member of the family, and every visitor, and fill it with the special treats that they just love?  Each jar will be different.  Each jar will contain unexpected delights, and if you’re lucky, there may even be some swapping and sharing.  Decorate every one individually, with a fun, personalized message.

4.       For your pet

There’s no doubt that pets are part of your family. When your pet gets a gift, everyone’s happy to see their excited reaction.  As we’ve all been locked inside for a good part of the year, why not offer your dog a gift that will get the whole family out and about, enjoying the fresh air?   A wearable dog pack will allow your dog to carry his own snacks, water and even poop bags on hikes, bike rides and all family outings.  

Hope those ideas above will spark some inspiration. Let’s make Christmas 2020 the most creative and fun it’s ever been, and let’s also look for gift ideas that extend beyond the day itself, to build wonderful memories in 2021.




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