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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit London During the Festive Season

If you are considering spending the holiday season away from home, then one of the best places to be is London.
This magnificent city is full of life during the holidays, and this is mostly attributed to the cheering markets. With some of the most breathtaking theatre shows to decorations that are lined on the city streets, it is one of the best places to have a memorable holiday experience.

Below are other reasons why you should visit London during the festive season.

An Incredible Holiday Shopping Experience 

If you are looking for an exciting shopping experience during the festivities, you should check what London has to offer. You’ll be amazed by the great collection of unique items such as jewelry and clothes along the famous Regent and Oxford streets. Don’t forget to go hunting for antique treasures along Portobello Road.

If you have come alongside your little ones, London is a perfect destination to shop for some incredible toys. Be sure to check the Hamleys, a toy shop that dates back to the mid-20th century. If you are hoping to get a toy for your kid, you should consider shopping during the early morning hours to avoid the huge crowds of people.

You may also want to consider the Benjamin Pollock Toyshop if you are hunting for unique signature toys.

Enjoy Breathtaking Festival Performance

London is popularly known for its thriving yet lovely theatre performances, but this becomes even more exceptional during the holiday season. You will be treated to some amazing shows such as the classic pantos that will leave you mesmerized. Give your children an experience of a lifetime by exploring the different staged performances at London’s West End.

Your kids will love the comic retelling of some of their favorite children's stories. Aside from the comic adventure, London has plenty of magical displays and circuses for you to explore. If it’s your first time watching the circus, get ready to be entertained by death-defying tricks performed by vintage circus troupes.

Check Out the Hogwarts

There is nothing that defines British culture than Harry Potter. Fans across different age groups will love to be part of the Hogwarts experience. While you may visit Hogwarts at any time of the year, the holiday season is one of the best times to explore the castle and grounds. It is located twenty miles off the northwest of London, and this equates to thirty minutes when traveling by bus or train.

Explore Magnificent Glow of Festivity Lights

If you are visiting London during the holiday season, you will be amazed by how Christmas lights can make the city come to life, especially if you take a tour around the royal botanic garden. During the festive season, the garden is decorated with millions of bulbs that illuminate the trees and garden. You can even catch a glimpse of this magical display when you are a mile away.

If you are in the company of your kids, they’ll get to toast marshmallows with Santa and his elves. At the same destination, you’ll get to shop for stocking stuffers and enjoy mulled wine.

Great but Affordable Accommodation

Many tourists don’t prefer visiting London during the festivities because of the winter season. Unlike summer, most of the hotels have subsidized rates for those visiting London during winter. This means that you have a wider choice because there are fewer tourists competing for plenty of options available.

You may even be surprised that you may end up settling on great accommodation, which you would have otherwise paid double during other seasons. It’s also important to note that some certain B&Bs and hotels may have restrictions on the size of the luggage they accept. So, if you find a great option with such restrictions, you may want to consider Radical Storage London.

Be Part of the Carol Concert

The carol concert is one of the largest yearly festivity events in London. The concert is usually held at the Royal Albert Hall, and it comes to life with its beautifully installed lights. Besides singing beautiful carols during the Christmas season, the concert also hosts some of the top international artists such as Justin Timberlake and Adele.

If you are the type of person who is thrilled by live concert performance, this yearly festival is one you don’t want to miss out on.

Take Advantage of Somerset House Skating Experience

Skating is one of the best experiences you’ll get by visiting the Somerset house during the festive season, and this is thanks to their magnificent ice rinks. Whether you are a novice or experienced skater, the rinks should provide you with the opportunity to have an incredible skating experience.

For those who come to watch the skating thrill, there are plenty of cafes and bars where you can sit back and enjoy mulled wine and rich, hot chocolate as you watch others skate.    

Take a Walk at the Hyde Park

There is no better experience during the festivities than taking a stroll in some of London’s magnificent parks. Hyde Park is one of the best destinations, and this is largely because of its snowy wander. The beauty of being at the park is that there is a lot you’ll get to explore in the three hundred and fifty acres. While at the park, don’t forget to make a stop at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen and the popular Boy and Dolphin fountain.

There are no charges to access the park, and this is more than enough reason for you to have a great experience.

Wrapping Up

The festivities are a perfect time for you to visit London, and this is largely because of the Christmas events and the ravishing trails and winter walks. Your children will also get to enjoy comic children's stories in different festivals held within the city. What’s more, there are still plenty of places close to London to visit with kids. Therefore, London is still an exceptional place to be during the festivities because of the lively markets where you can shop for your kids' antique products and toys.

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