Monday, 23 November 2020

Gift Inspiration For The Difficult One

Christmas is coming up fast and it's time to start thinking about present solutions for those difficult-to-buy-for people in your life, the ones that you tend to put off buying for until the very last! 

For me, that persons is my other half!

After spending most of my time, money and effort on buying for our own children and putting thought into what to get for our extended families I find that my well of inspiration has run rather dry when it comes to putting in effort to what delights to fill his Christmas stocking with this year.

I have some ideas on what to get for him, but I find him difficult as he never really asks for anything or wants anything so the pressure is on to find something that's useful, functional and also fun!

I've noticed that he could do with some new clothes, so I decided that some new t shirts are in order as these are great options for summer, winter worn under jumpers or even for pyjamas.

I've found some really nice options online which are a good mix of fun and quirky, There are some great womens t-shirts available too.

I'm going to share some of the ones I've found incase you also happen to be struggling with gifts for the men in your life this year.

My first choice is this rather cool Spock t shirt which is sure to be a hit with any Trekkies in your other half is quite the sci-fi nerd and so I know that he' ll love nod to his all-time favourite character.

Character t shirts are always a great option, particularly when gifted with a fair of comfy bottoms to be worn as pyjamas or lounge wear.

Second, we have this t shirt which - I have to admit - really tickled me! I love the visual representation of the "Dancing Queen" pun.

Although this isn't something that I would usually buy for my other half, we have been spending a lot of time during lockdown catching up on The I think he'll enjoy it for that reason and it will serve as a nice remainder of our lockdown evenings at home!

This particular option is obviously very Christmas specific and makes a nice alternative option for a Christmas outfit.

I know that my Trump-loathing partner will get a kick out of this, and it's current political relevance makes it an interesting keepsake from this year too!

And finally we have this option for all the tech partner loves a pun and so will definitely find this one amusing, it also makes a good gift option for those working in tech too I think and I'm thinking about getting it for my brother in law too.

I've certainly found some great options to stuff the stockings with this year, if you find yourself low on gift inspiration I highly recommend giving t shirts a thought as they can make a really fun, thoughtful or quirky gift suitable for most of those tricky-to-buy-for people. 

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