Saturday, 14 November 2020

Interior Design Tricks: Making Your Home That Much Cozier For Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a chance for family and friends to come together and reminisce by the fire while waiting for the magic of Christmas eve to arrive. Like most dreams, these Christmas memories take place in a cozy home setting where everyone can relax. The right home décor and finishing touches can help you create a warm, inviting atmosphere in time for Christmas, and maybe beyond.


Comfort is key


There is nothing wrong with having a stylish home kitted out with the latest tech and trends, but Christmas is a time to celebrate comfort over style. Make sure you prioritize comfort when you are searching for home updates this season. Find a cozy sofa for the holidays, bring out Grandma’s vintage blankets, or switch out cotton bed linens for thicker, flannel sheets- the possibilities are endless. Luckily, most trends at the moment combine comfort and style with ease, so you won’t need to starve your creative side when upgrading your décor.

Upgrade your lighting


Often, it’s the warm, golden light of a room that makes us feel relaxed. Bright, white lights can appear

sterile and devoid of personality, so make sure not to fall into this trap.

You can either invest in some muted lampshades or swap out your lightbulbs for warmer ones.

It’s a simple, affordable hack that will make a world of difference.

Those who aren’t sure on the technical side can follow a simple buying guide to help.

You can also use this trick when setting up your Christmas tree; various string lights boast warmer

tones and can make your tree look like a shimmering star rather than a streetlight.

Accent your lighting with red, gold and deep purple tinsels to add some more pops of color to your

living space.

Embrace winter scents


Another way of adding a warm glow to your space is by purchasing some candles. This won’t just add further coziness to the aesthetic of your home, but you can use this as an opportunity to introduce scent. Most luxury show-homes and home stores use scent as an important design feature to complete the atmosphere. While in summer you should opt for light cotton and musks, winter has its own distinctive scents.

           From cinnamon and roasted marshmallow to frosted pine and cranberry, these scents ooze Christmas and can complement your home setup perfectly. For those who want to go with scents that may bring some positivity to their mental wellbeing in the darker months, you can always try purchasing candles, incense, or diffusers with classic, mood-boosting essential oils.


Add a personal touch


As we know, Christmas is not a time when style trumps comfort. This makes it an ideal time to add some more personal touches to your space. At a time when people want to feel safe and connected to one another, make Christmas the warmest time of the year with these easy tips:

-          Sewing your own stockings out of old fabric

-          Making scented candles

-          Crafting unique Christmas tree decorations

-          Having homemade cinnamon snickerdoodles always on the go

-          Creating your own Christmas artwork

- Fashioning a Christmas wreath using twigs and leaves from your yard

Less is always more


Christmas is a time full of excitement and joy, and people will want to recreate this feeling more than ever this year. As a result, it can be easy to go overboard with decorating during the festive period. Personal touches are the best way to add some personality to your space, but you must make sure this doesn’t bring more clutter to your home. Remember the golden rule in interior design: less is always more. If you have a few select pieces you’d like to have on show, these will stand out even more if you pair them with simple, stripped back décor.

           Even so, many people want their home to look like a totally different space for the holidays, and it’s easy to do this by making some simple swaps to your soft furnishings. Changing muslin sofa throws for hand-knitted blankets and replacing hessian rugs for shaggier carpets are both easy ways to do this. Having a dedicated Christmas furnishings box you can use each year can help you visualize your dream more and avoid unnecessary clutter.

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