Friday, 27 November 2020

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This: Our Recipe For Helping Children Sleep Well With A Cold

*This post was written in collaboration with Colief

If you have little ones, then no doubt you will have experienced the sheer dread that comes with the first sign of the dreaded common cold appearing.

I had come to almost live in fear of the winter months and the onslaught of bugs they brought for my three children, as although a cold is easily shrugged off with a wiped nose and a kiss during waking hours - it's the night time that the real problems would inevitably begin!

My youngest son has always suffered the most with colds during the night, whenever a stuffy nose strikes he would find himself completely unable to sleep - enduring restless and fitful sleep, constantly waking...which of course means no sleep for us either!

Thankfully over the last few years, we've managed to come up with a series of steps to help him to get the best possible nights sleep during even the worst of colds...a recipe of sorts for a peaceful nights sleep!

1. Give Them A Boost

When struggling with a blocked nose and tickly cough, the best thing in our experience is to give extra pillows to ensure their head is elevated....this gives the congestion chance to clear thanks to good old gravity! Be careful to get the balance right and avoid too many extra pillows, just one should be fine.

If your child is under 2, avoid extra pillows and instead elevate them by using something firm underneath their mattress.

2.  Breathe Easy

Using a decongestant can be really beneficial at night time to help children sleep well. We've been using Colief Breath Easy Vapour Rub - it contains eucalyptus which is a natural anti-inflammatory for the airways, and menthol to help clear the nose. 

It comes in an easy-to-apply stick form, which is rubbed directly on to the skin of the chest and back, and then massaged in. The heat of the skin warms the formula and allows it to release vapours gently through the night. As its mixed with skin-nourishing oils, it's safe and gentle enough to be used on children aged 3 months+. 

3. A Warming Night Cap

This is especially useful if your child is suffering from a sore throat but regardless, a warm soothing bedtime drink can help to calm and comfort them ready for a peaceful sleep.

Avoid the temptation to give hot chocolate or warm milk as milky drinks can make any phlegm thicker and more irritating to your child, so we find that they're best avoided if possible.

Instead a simple lemon and honey drink is better, or warm ribena is always a favourite treat for dealing with colds in our house!

4.  Keep Cool But Comfortable

When your child is suffering with a cold, the instinct is usually to wrap them up warm but this can actually be counter productive.

Temperatures tend to spike during the night, and a child who is too warm will become very uncomfortable....instead its better to keep bedrooms cool and airy, allowing in fresh air if possible.

Give a light blanket with an extra that can be pulled up if needed.  If you do find that they're struggling with their body temperature at night, an age-appropriate dose of paracetamol-based medicine can help.

5. Don't Be Caught Short

Colds can strike quickly so make sure you're not left without supplies to hand! Keep your medicine cabinet stocked up and the warm drinks ingredients on standby ready to spring into action at a moments notice throughout the winter months.

Following these steps, we've found that sleep during a cold is much easier for our little ones, leaving them feeling much brighter in the morning and therefore gives us a chance to rest too.

If you have any tips to share on helping children to deal with colds please share them below.

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