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What Path Could Your Kid's Life Take?

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Being a parent is a relatively daunting process. From the moment your little one is born, you are going to worry about them and want the best for them. You’re going to want to make sure that you provide them with all of the opportunities and choices they could possibly have available to them. You’re going to want to make sure that they are happy and fulfilled and that they can live a healthy and comfortable life. Ultimately, you can help with this journey. Sure, you may not have full control over it, as when your child grows and becomes increasingly independent and steers the wheel of their own future and fortunes. But you can start considering all of the paths they could take from a young age so you can help them to determine which is best for them. Here are just a few that many people tend to take!

Higher Education

Higher education is a path that an increasing number of young people are deciding to take once they hit the age of 18. Education is compulsory until this age, but at 18, your little one will likely be offered the choice of heading into the world of work or continuing their education in the form of a university degree. If they opt for the latter, they are likely to spend three to four years studying a course of their choice and an institution of their choice. If this is a path that your child is interested in, you should encourage them to apply themselves to their studies throughout compulsory education and to come up with a vague idea of the area they’d like to specialise in from a relatively young age. This will allow them to take options that serve as a good foundation to their degree studies. They’ll be in student accommodation and attending lectures and seminars before you know it!


Another option is apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are essentially training programmes that teach you a skill within an industry in a more hands on manner. You tend to learn on the job. Apprenticeships are often more popular in roles such as carpentry, electrics, plumbing and similar roles. These are great, as your child will be paid while they learn and leave their apprenticeships qualified to take on a position they could be well paid for!


If your child feels a little lost and isn’t entirely sure which path they’d like to take, or what career they can see themselves pursuing in the long run, they may want to take a break to figure things out for themselves. These kids tend to travel. This opens their eyes to the world, gives them a break from academia and education, and gives them a chance to get to know themselves and what they really want.

These, of course, are just a few paths that your kid’s life could take. Each requires preparation and each can have equally good outcomes. So, bear them in mind and consider how you can help your child through each if they decide to follow that path!

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