Thursday, 3 December 2020

How to Keep the Kids Entertained with All the Time Spent at Home

As the temperature drops outside, and the nasty winter weather draws closer, it’s only natural to spend more time indoors and look for activities to keep you busy. Of course, this year there is the extra twist in that the UK is still in lockdown thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of that, people are spending more time at home than ever before. For those with kids, this has been a particularly challenging time, as you look for ways to keep them busy and happy, and ensure you don’t all go stir crazy cooped up together.

So, if you feel like you’re running out of ideas on how to keep the kids entertained and stop them from arguing with one another, then these tips are sure to help.

Christmas Craft Season is Here

One of the most obvious ways to keep the kids busy over the next few weeks is to bring out the Christmas crafting supplies. Crafts can be tailored to any age group, with some being simple and easy to follow, and others being much more intricate. The crafts that they create can then be used to decorate your home for the holiday season.

A good tip for parents is to be prepared when it comes to crafting. This means setting up a crafting supply kit that is ready to go any time the desire strikes. Some of the basics you’ll want to have in your crafting kit include:

·         Glue (hot glue for the older kids)

·         Felt sheets

·         Pipe cleaners

·         Yarn

·         Foam sheets

·         Craft scissors

·         Self-adhesive googly eyes

·         Decorative gems

·         Stickers

·         Empty boxes and cardboard rolls

·         Popsicle sticks

·         Paints

·         Paper

Start Birdwatching in Your Own Garden

For those with a garden and outdoor space, this is an opportunity to start a really fun family hobby – birdwatching. It’s amazing how many different types of birds you can actually attract to your garden, providing everyone with hours’ worth of entertainment over the winter season. Although you’re not going to get as many birds in the garden as you would in the warmer months, there are still plenty around that you can attract.

Feeding birds in the winter is actually extremely helpful to the birds in general, as it gets harder for them to find natural food sources at this time of year. It's also during extreme temperatures, such as winter, that they need the most energy.

As you gather up your garden bird supplies, be sure to give thought to what kind of bird food you will provide in the winter months. You want to be sure to look for a bird food that is meant for winter feeding, such as the extra energy seed mix from Little Peckers. Little Peckers has created a food that is meant to provide birds with all the extra nutrients and help they need during the extreme weather. The food is high in fat and energy, and features a variety of seeds. It also can be given in a variety of bird feeders, so you’re not limited. For more information, visit

In terms of where to place the bird feeder, there are a couple of general tips to follow. These include making sure it is a spot where the birds will feel safe from predators, that it isn't near windows which they may accidentally fall into, and in winter that there is some sort of cover or top on the feeder to protect the seed and birds from the elements as they eat.

Start a Collection of Educational Activity Books

You may also want to start your own collection of educational activity books, picking books that correlate to your child's age group. These tend to contain puzzles, games, short stories, and more, all of which appeal to your child’s grade level.

These are quick and easy to bring out any time you need a little quiet time in the house. Just be sure you have a few on rotation so that the kids don’t get bored of the options.

STEM-Inspired Toys Are All the Rage

In terms of toys, you can't go wrong with STEM-inspired toys. Just be sure that you pick toys that are meant for your child's age so they aren't too simple or too advanced. STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, so toys in this category are meant to appeal to these avenues and help to better their skills. These toys focus on building, inventing, and creating, all of which will have the kids completely engrossed in the activity.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can keep the kids busy and entertained all winter long no matter how much time is spent at home. Remember, stay home and stay safe!

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