Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Six Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids in 2020

Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate with your closest friends and family, gorging on sweet and savoury delights and enjoying a tipple or 2, and if you have kids then it’s a time of endless Christmas lists, hints and “can I have this”, like they think you haven’t got things already in check. When it comes to buying gifts for kids, if guided by them we will be spending huge amounts of money on toys and accessories which will go out of fashion in a few weeks or keep them glued to the screen for even longer.


For this list we have pulled together 6 great toys that are on trend, educational or promote outdoor activities, after all, we all need a little pick me up after the year we have had!


Baby Yoda

This one isn’t just for kids really, I know a few adults who would really love a Baby Yoda of their own, including myself. The side story of the Mandalorian has taken the online world by storm with Baby Yoda memes appearing online as soon as the first episode aired, welcoming a whole new generation into the Star Wars galaxy. If you are buying gifts for any Star Wars fan this Christmas, then a Baby Yoda plush is a must have gift!


Lego Gingerbread House

Kids love Lego, Christmas, and gingerbread, so what is more fitting for this Christmas than the latest Lego gingerbread house? This great gift idea will make Christmas day fun as the Gingerbread house begins to take shape. Lego makes a great gift as it teaches children to follow instructions to build the mini masterpiece, as well as encouraging creativity, giving them some mental stimulation, which is well needed after the year we have been through.


Nerf Ultra

If your home is peaceful and doesn’t look like a warzone then you should definitely consider adding the Nerf Ultra to your gift list. These foam blasters make a great gift for any youngster that needs to burn off some energy as they are perfectly safe for outdoors, helping part the kids from their screens. These toys can teach teamwork and cooperation between individuals, which in today’s world is an essential skill.


Personalised T Shirt

If you want to opt for something a little more thoughtful such as a gift that’s going to come as a welcome surprise and be cherished for years to come, then a piece of personalised clothing would make the perfect choice for you. You can find a huge range of garments at Banana Moon Clothing which you can add your own unique designs, images and text to, meaning you can easily find and create the perfect gift this Christmas.


Coding Critters

Educational toys make fantastic gifts, especially when the toys are designed to teach children lasting skills which can be utilised throughout their lives and help shape their future. Coding Critters are absolutely brilliant as the story they tell enables children to actively code along with it, solving a series of problems as they progress, all helping stimulate their minds and develop their problem solving abilities, all whilst being screen free, taking one more problem out of your hair!

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