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The Best Family-Friendly Christmas Movies Available To Stream

One of our favourite things to do as a family during December is to indulge in LOTS of festive family movie nights!

Whether its setting up the projector and cooking special Christmas themed treats, or just snuggling on the sofa around the telly with a bag of crisps....there's something so seasonal and lovely about snuggling down under the Christmas blankets to watch a good cheesy Christmas film together.

Having indulged in the beauty of the Christmas Movie Night for many, many years I consider myself to be quite the expert in Christmas films...infact I'd even go as far as to say it would be my Mastermind Specialist Subject!

So I thought...why not share my very niche skill with you all, and help you to find the perfect movies to watch with your families this festive season.

Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2

What's It About: The first one is about 2 kids - Troubled teen Teddy and younger sister Kate - who recently lost their father and are struggling to process their grief and enjoy their first Christmas without him.
On Christmas Eve, Kate hatches a plan to capture Santa on video and bribes Teddy to help her...before they know what's happening, they end up hitching a ride on Santa's sleigh! Can they help him to save Christmas?!

In the follow up movie, Kate and her new almost-step-brother Jack find themselves whisked away by a rogue elf and transported to Lapland...yet it somehow doesn't seem as far fetched as it sounds on screen?!

What My Kids Rated It: A solid 10/10 - My kids ADORED the first Christmas Chronicles movie, infact the first year it came out they watched it daily until Easter! They like the second one too, although not as much...nothing ever beats the original though, right?! 

What I Rate It: 9/10 for the first movie, 8/10 for the second. It helps that Santa is played by a rather sexy looking Kurt Russell and wife Goldie Hawn, who I love with my whole being, plays Mrs Claus.

Where Can I See It?: Netflix

Christmas On The Square

What's It About: This is, hands down, the cheesiest Christmas movie you are ever likely to see....and that's exactly why you should watch it! It's a musical and it stars Queen Of Everything, Miss Dolly Parton, and...as you'd expect from a Dolly Parton movie...it's packed to the brim with the schmaltziest country-twang songs you've ever heard.

The premise is that town meanie Regina is selling the land she inherited from her father, and turfing an entire town out in the process...obviously this makes her very unpopular! Luckily for Regina she has not one, but two angels who have dropped in to help her see the error of her ways.

Although it's probably not aimed at children specifically, mine loved it as the musical element made it entertaining and easy to follow. The story has some dramatic elements such as teen pregnancy but these are put across in a way that wouldn't be likely to invite any unwanted questions from little ones.

Dolly Parton was born to play a Christmas angel, and what I loved most about this movie is the diversity of the entire cast - rather than featuring a couple of token black and minority people, the entire cast is full of people of all skin tones...it also features a fat woman in a lead role without ever mentioning her weight, so big body positive plus points there!

What My Kids Rated It: Although it wasn't aimed at children, it kept their bottoms glued to their seats throughout and they were singing the songs for days afterwards...they gave it an 8/10

What I Rate It: It was cheesy and predictable as hell with some truly terrible acting...and that's exactly why I loved it! 9/10!

Where Can I See It?: Netflix

Jingle Jangle

What's It About: It's an unusual story surrounding an inventor who, after having his best invention stolen in his younger days and losing his wife, becomes isolated and depressed. His grandaughter comes to visit him for Christma and with the help of a new friend, they discover the secrets of the family past and help to bring him back to happiness again.

What My Kids Rated It: It felt a bit long in parts and they struggled at times to keep their attention on the movie, but they did enjoy it - 7/10

What I Rate It: I also found it a bit too long winded in parts but it wasn't unenjoyable...7/10

Where Can I See It?:  Netflix

The Grinch (Animated)

What's It About: The classic story of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, in animated form with some new and more up-to-date gags. 

What My Kids Rated It: They loved it! It's a movie that always gets them really belly-laughing. 9/10

What I Rate It: I don't hate it but I do prefer the Jim Carrey version...for me it's a 7/10.

Where Can I See It?: Netflix

Arthur Christmas

What's It About: Santa's son has to step in at the last minute to save Christmas when, after a successful Christmas eve of gift deliveries, he notices one present hasn't made it to it's rightful owner. Will he deliver the present on time with the odds stacked against him?!

What My Kids Rated It: This is a classic that they watch year after year and always enjoy, 7/10

What I Rate It: It's got some decent funny bits and quite a heart warming ending, 7/10 from me too.

Where Can I See It?: Netflix

Angela's Christmas

What's It About: This is quite an unusual story about a little Irish girl who accidentally steals the baby Jesus from her local church nativity scene, and her struggle to set things right.

What My Kids Rated It: This is a movie that I wouldn't expect them to enjoy ... it has a very classic animation style and an unusual storyline...but for some reason it just speaks to them and they love it. 9/10

What I Rate It: I enjoyed it the first time I watched it but for me, it's not one I want to keep re-watching. 8/10
Where Can I See It?: Netflix

Home Alone

What's It About: Surely everybody is familiar with this absolute classic?! Kevin is accidentally left Home Alone by his family during the Christmas period and needs to fend for himself while they're gone, which he seems to manage remarkably well...until a pair of kooky burglars decide they want to rob his house at any cost. Can he outsmart them and protect his family home?!

What My Kids Rated It: They all absolutely LOVE this movie and watch it often throughout the year. 10/10!

What I Rate It: It's been a Christmas classic for me since childhood, I can almost recite it word for word at this point - 9/10!

Where Can I See It?: Disney Plus

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

What's It About: Kevin returns, and this time he finds himself lost during a family Christmas vacation...somehow ending up alone in New York City! Once again, confronted by the burglar duo he outsmarted last time...who are now determined to get their revenge!

What My Kids Rated It: They love this one as much as the first movie and every time we watch it, they ask when we can go to New York at Christmas like Kevin - 10/10!

What I Rate It: Remember when I said earlier that no sequel ever beats the original?! I lied, this one does! 10/10!

Where Can I See It?: Disney Plus

Olaf's Frozen Adventure

What's It About: A lovely Disney short movie where Olaf tries to find a Christmas tradition to adopt, by visiting local people and learning about theirs.

What My Kids Rated It: They love anything with Elsa and Anna, so this is always a big hit - 9/10

What I Rate It: A lovely one to watch at Christmas and the perfect length for pre-bedtime too. 9/10

Where Can I See It?: Disney Plus

The Santa Clause

What's It About: Classic Tim Allen movie about a struggling single Dad who finds himself unexpectedly handed the role of becoming the real Santa Claus, following an accident with the original Santa!

What My Kids Rated It: This is one they seem a bit too young to follow that well just yet, so its a 6/10 but I think it'll grow on them.

What I Rate It: It's another classic for me, although probably one of my least favourites over all - 7/10

Where Can I See It?: Disney Plus

The Muppets Christmas Carol

What's It About: Dickens classic A Christmas Carol told with the help of the Muppets with the addition of some good old Muppet humour and some fun songs to keep it interesting and light for younger ones. Perfection!

What My Kids Rated It: They love this movie, we watch it every year without fail and its always a hit. 9/10

What I Rate It: More nostalgic fun for me...9/10

Where Can I See It?: Disney Plus

Of course there are SO many other classic choices that aren't on this list for the simple reason that I couldn't find them streaming anywhere!
But hopefully this list will get you off to a good start - happy watching!

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