Thursday, 7 January 2021

Great Garden Ideas for The New Year Ahead

It’s been one heck of a year and the summer disappeared far too quickly.  Now the winter is here, there is a longing for those sunny days spent in the garden.  But one thing that we’ve all learnt is the importance of that outside space for our health and wellbeing.

If you’re already of dreaming being back out in the garden next year, then you might also be considering making some improvements to the space too.  So, what ideas could you look at to improve your garden for the new year ahead?  Here’s four ideas to consider.

Install a low maintenance decking area

If you’ve been longing for a decking area in your garden, but have been putting off because of the maintenance involved, you might want to consider installing composite decking instead. A practical solution that requires no staining or painting. It’s a durable option that is warp and fade resistant. If you like the sound of this, check out the composite decking prices at your local supplier.

Create a relaxation station

A garden provides the perfect place for some calm reflection, and so creating a little zen area for getting away from it all and just spending some time in nature is a lovely idea. You could buy grass seed to create a little green space or I love the idea of getting myself a nice garden hammock ( have some fantastic ones), setting up in a secluded corner next to a nice relaxing water feature and creating a lovely space for some afternoon reading or meditating.

Build yourself a vertical garden

The trend for vertical gardening has grown as people are increasingly looking to make the most of small spaces.  There are special plant systems you can buy to make a vertical garden, but many people are converting wooden pallets to create their own.  If you fancy doing this, a quick search for vertical gardens should bring up lots of simple ideas to get your project started.

Buy a or build an outdoor pizza oven

Pizza ovens are a great feature to add to your garden, perfect for weekends and entertaining family or friends.  It’s possible to build your own pizza oven but there are plenty of good quality versions you can buy.  You don’t have to stick to making pizzas in your oven either.  You can cook steak, fish, vegetables, bread and jacket potatoes too.

Plant flowers for bees

We’re all more conscious of the environment these days and the merits of planting flowers for bees are obvious.  Try to buy native species of plants with plenty of colours so that you will get the benefit from them too. Try planting a mix of alliums, lavender, campanula, echinacea and geraniums.

And if you’re looking to bring more wildlife into the garden, don’t forget to put up a birdbox, bee hotel and make a log pile for the bugs to use.

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