Monday, 18 January 2021

How to Throw a Vintage Tea Party

Who can resist a cute and picturesque vintage tea party? If you're planning a small daytime gathering that's set to impress, with food, drinks, and little hassle, then a vintage tea party is the way to go. Wait for a sunny day in spring or summer, invite over a few friends, and throw a quaint get-together that everyone is sure to love!

Follow these simple tips and get ready to get the par-tea started...

A deliciously simple menu

One of the great things about hosting a vintage tea party is that you can create a great spread of food without too much difficulty. If you're a keen baker, don't hold back on the scones (cheese and fruit), cakes (Victoria sponge is a classic choice), and the tray bakes. If baking isn't your forte, don't worry! Triangle sandwiches are the most quintessential part of a tea party spread, so choose a few different simple fillings such as egg and cress or cucumber, and display your neatly cut sandwiches on a layered cake stand. As for the sweet stuff, there's no shame in getting in some shop-bought goodies such as biscuits or cupcakes if you're running short on time but still want to impress.

The perfect serving pieces

What's a vintage tea party without the gorgeous vintage crockery and serving wear to go with it? A tea set is a must for a sophisticated tea party. Whether you opt for a china set or an antique silver tea set, your crockery will help to transport your guests to a whimsical party of years gone by. If you don't have a complete tea set, don't be afraid to mix and match! A tea party table setting will look equally fabulous if you go for a fun, Alice in Wonderland-inspired, eclectic style.

A vintage dress code

Everyone loves a good excuse to dress up, and a vintage tea party is a perfect opportunity! A fun, vintage-inspired outfit will bring the party to life, so encourage your guests to get inventive. A forties style dress would work wonderfully – complete with polka dots and victory rolls. Don't forget to accessorise, either. Think vintage jewellery, a flower corsage, and red lipstick. Remember to get creative with your outfit and bring out your flare of creativi-tea! Also, don’t forget to specify the dress code in your party invitations, along with the date, time, venue, and other essential details.

Delightful decorations

Your party decoration is yet another element that will bring your tea party to life and help to transport you back in time. Be playful with the decor, and include some vintage floral prints, whether that be in your tablecloth, handkerchiefs, or furniture. Bunting is another great nod to a vintage era, and an easy way to brighten up the room or garden. Flowery bunting is perfect for the occasion, or, if you're looking for something more personalised, you could use lettering bunting to spell out a fitting phrase for the occasion (if, for example, you're hosting a birthday tea party.)

Transporting music choices

Another way to create the ambience of a vintage tea party is by picking the perfect nostalgic music. Wartime tunes and other romantic ditties will set a wonderful tone for your party – The Ink Spots, Vera Lynn, or Dorris Day, for example. For the best effect, dust off an old vinyl record and allow the crackling nostalgia to transport your guests back in time and complete the vintage tea party ambience. 


All of these elements combined will help you to achieve the vintage tea party of your dreams, and your guests are sure to have an excellent time. Once they arrive, remember to take a sip of tea, relax, and enjoy the party!

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