Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Healthy Habits: How to Encourage Your Family to Drink More Water

Drinking enough water isn’t easy. I know that I’ve struggled with my water drinking habits over the years. Once I developed a taste for coffee and fizzy drinks, water seemed so boring!


Now that I have children, I need to set a better example. I’m trying to build healthier habits around eating and drinking that they can carry with them for life. Drinking more water is a fantastic way to start. It’s free and easy, and there are loads of ways to make it more fun.


Here are a few suggestions that can help your family to drink more water and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Get Fun Water Bottles

A great way to start your journey to drinking more water is to invest in some fun water bottles. This will get your kids excited about drinking more water, and it’s fun for adults too!


You can let your kids pick a bottle with their favourite cartoon or superhero character. Or, you can go for a smart bottle that makes drinking water fun.


We love the Auron Bottle because it’s cleaner and more engaging for kids.


Auron is the first smart water bottle. It has a UV-light inside the bottle that purifies water from any source, killing 99.99% of germs in 60 seconds. It also kills germs on the interior of the bottle, so you won’t have to clean it very often.


The bottle has a touchscreen display on the lid, which kids love. With a tap, you can purify your water, activate auto-purification, or check the temperature of your drink.


With Auron, you never need to replace filters or parts, and it works for 2 months on just one charge. You can enjoy pure, safe drinking water for life with just one bottle.


It’s also great for travel, the gym and taking to work (it’s a great thermos for coffee too!). 


Auron is a bit pricey, but it’s built to last for life. And if you pre-order the new Auron Bottle, you can save 60%.

Stop Stocking Sugary Drinks

If you keep sugary drinks at home, the temptation will get the best of you. And, it will start a lot more fights with kids about what they’re going to drink with dinner.


If you stop keeping those artificial juices and fizzy drinks in the fridge, it will be much easier to drink water when you’re thirsty. That’s the beautiful thing about water. If you don’t have other drinks to take its place, you’ll want to have a big glass of it eventually.


This is a really great habit-changer for kids too. A few days without sugary drinks will leave them cranky. But after that, they’ll find it easy to switch to water. Keep this up, and they’ll be more likely to drink water when they’re thirsty for their entire lives.

Get More Exercise

When you work up a sweat, what are you usually thirsty for? Fizzy drinks? Coffee?


No. Your body wants real hydration from water.


Getting more exercise is one healthy habit that can spawn many more. Going for a walk every day with the family or playing a fitness video game—any activity you can do—will increase your thirst for water and decrease your cravings for sugary drinks.  


It’s also a good way to bring the family together to do something fun every day!



Set Water-Break Reminders

One reason that we don’t drink enough water is that we just don’t remember to keep hydrated. Setting reminders is a good way to drink water throughout the day.


Not only will this keep you hydrated, but it will also prevent those cravings from creeping up on you. It can even help you to eat less and cut back on loads of calories.


For kids, it can make drinking water more fun, especially if the water reminder is a fun sound or a song they can sing along with.


Another thing we love about the Auron Bottle is that it has built-in hydration reminders. You can set them by tapping the lid, and ever few hours a little alarm will sound. 


It All Starts With Water

Building healthy habits in your home all starts on the foundation of drinking water. Water is the most essential ingredient for a healthy lifestyle, and drinking a bit more is the easiest change you can make in your life.


Start with a small step, like removing sugary drinks from the fridge for 4 days a week. Then, go from there. 

And don’t forget to buy a water bottle to help motivate you. Any reusable bottle will do. I recommend Auron because it’s cleaner and safer for families. Plus, it makes drinking water more fun for kids.


You can get an Auron Bottle now for 60% off the list price during their latest campaign on Kickstarter. It ships just in time for warm weather!


Find out more and order your Auron Bottle now at www.auronbottle.com


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