Thursday, 11 March 2021

How to create a dream nursery room in your home

Designing your dream nursery room is a brilliant way to prepare for your baby’s arrival, both mentally and physically. It gives you a chance to contemplate your parenting style and familiarise yourself with the arrival of your baby. A nursery should be a safe and warm place for you and your baby.


Before you get overwhelmed with Pinterest mood boards, consider these tips and tricks to make your nursey a magical place for baby bonding.  


Maximise space


It can be easy to get swept up in cute furniture and aesthetic wall decorations. However, one of the most important things in a nursery is storage. It would help if you had baskets, cupboards and organising dividers to separate your wipes from the nappies. Baby clothing and essentials should be easy to find and quick to grab. 


Decoration that stimulates the baby’s senses


Unfortunately, your baby might not love a muted pastel colour palette as much as you do. Opt for brightly coloured toys and prints to encourage their eye coordination and engagement. Purchase toys with musical elements to enhance their sound recognition and decorate your shelves and walls with personalised prints. 


Use non-toxic eco paint that you can change over the years. Go for a rug if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of carpet samples. Keep it simple and colourful. 


You could paint some shapes and colours on the ceiling, so your baby has something to look at when they are lying on their back. Do not hang anything heavy above their cot, however, as this can be dangerous.




When it comes to baby furniture, less is more. Choose furniture in a neutral tone with plenty of storage so that you can continue to use it as the child’s room changes and grows with them. Don’t rush the decision either – furniture is expensive and it should be thoroughly considered. 


Child safety


Of course, safety is an absolute priority when you are designing a nursery. Make sure your changing table has a 2-inch guard rail around all four sides, and the diaper supplies are out of the child’s reach. 


Falling out of a crib is one of the most common baby accidents, and it’s easy to prevent. As your baby grows, you need to lower the mattress in their crib so they can’t fall out of it. You also need to choose baby-safe bedding. Baby sleepsuits keep your child safe and warm without the risk of a blanket getting tangled around them whilst they are asleep.


Keep any night lights away from draping and bedding where they could start a fire. You should also invest in cool mist humidifiers to reduce the risk of burns. Just make sure to clean the humidifier regularly as they are prone to bacteria and mould. 



With all this taken care of, you can create a beautiful, safe and warm nursery for your baby that you can both enjoy. 

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