Monday, 22 March 2021

My favourite garden fence ideas

I love spending time outside with the little ones. I’d go as far as saying that my garden is my family’s favourite place of the house. Well… at least in the summer. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, we have our breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. The kids play in the paddling pool and I enjoy reading a book or doing some crafts while drinking some cool minty lemonade.

Because we love spending time in the garden so much, I think it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape! It’s an extension to our home, so it’s essential that it is safe, looks great and inviting to all. You might think that a garden fence wouldn’t change much the look of your garden, but I would kindly disagree. A damaged and rooting garden fence will make any stunning garden look less attractive and uninviting. So, give your garden and your wooden fence some love with these garden fence ideas.


Make it strong and safe.


Who said that strength and safety isn’t pretty? I believe that having a good quality garden fence that will last me years to come is as pretty as it gets. Nobody wants to keep repairing wooden fence posts every year, so if you are installing a new wooden fence Speedy Fixings recommends adding metal shoes for timber posts. Metal shoes, also known as post shoes or post supports, offer an added level of support and strength to wooden posts plus, protect these from insect and water damage.


Paint it.


This article on Ideal Home recommends letting your “garden fence stand out from the crowd with a stylish colour clash.” They mention how you “could go for just one bold shade or divide your fence up into multiple panels - make masking tape your friend to achieve a perfectly straight line.”


If a colourful garden fence is too bold for your taste, why not paint your garden fence in a more modest tone? Perhaps a neutral colour for a contemporary feel? White garden fences, black garden fences or even grey garden fences look stunning in any garden. This article on Houzz shares the benefits of dark garden fences, and I couldn’t be more in love! As they say, “dark fences act as a stunning backdrop for bright green foliage, provide understated privacy where needed and make garden borders disappear.” What a clever idea!


Make it (more) practical.


Horizontal garden fences can act as the perfect vertical storage solution for pots and garden utensils. I think that hanging colourful plant pots around your garden fence will add colour to your garden and will be a great decoration idea! This article on the Airtasker Blog mentions that creating a flower wall or planting an edible wall of fruit trees in planters is also a great way to further utilise your garden fence.


What are some of your favourite garden fence ideas?

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