Thursday, 8 April 2021

8 Smart Devices Perfect for Family Homes

Many homeowners use at least one smart device, be it phones, TVs, or speakers. However, smart technology has become much more advanced in recent years and can now connect most household items to a network. But which gadgets are most suitable for family homes? 


Here are eight smart home devices that can minimise chores, enhance safety, lower your utility bills, and even assist with caring for pets. 


1) Smart toilet


If you dread cleaning your toilet, investing in an intelligent model with a self-cleaning feature will save you the trouble. Smart toilets automatically flush and wash you with water sensors after use. The ‘kid function’ ensures it’s suitable for children, which adapts the seat sensors to small users, and reduces the pressure of flushing and cleaning cycles. 


The smart fixture may have a heated toilet seat incorporated to enhance comfort, so you don’t experience the shock of sitting on a cold toilet during winter. This feature only needs minimal energy to function, so don’t worry about this accelerating your bills. 


If you don’t want to replace your entire existing toilet, Washloo, the UK’s sole domestic luxury smart toilet and bidet toilet seat brand, offers attachable toilet seats.  


2) Robot Hoover


Vacuuming is a never-ending task, especially if you have pets and children constantly creating mess. Instead of dedicating lots of time to this tiresome errand, use a smart hoover to automatically clean the floor while you’re out of the house.


3) Smart heating devices


Digital heating controls can inform you how to use your central heating more efficiently to lower costs.

Smart thermostats produce energy reports that identify where you’re wasting energy, and smart meters can help you better understand your energy costs by displaying how much you’re spending in pounds and pence per day, week, or month.  


4) Self-cleaning oven 


Cleaning the oven was cited as the most hated chore in a previous survey. Nobody looks forward to this task, but grime can accumulate and cause a fire hazard if you put it off. However, investing in an oven with a self-cleaning function means you never have to scrub it by hand again. 

5) Smart plugs


Keeping your appliances on standby wastes energy and money, but it’s easy to do. To help you develop wiser energy habits and lower your bills, purchase smart plugs. You can schedule them to switch off automatically and control remotely through your phone. 


6) Scheduled pet feeder


Instead of rushing home to feed your pets on those rare night outs, use an automatic ped feeder, which releases food at a scheduled time. Additionally, you can get treat dispensers with a built-in camera to allow you to check on your pet and talk to them.


7) Smart security 


Smart security cameras provide peace of mind, as you can view your home’s interior and exterior from anywhere in the world. So, if you’re on holiday or just out for the day, you can check your property is how you left it. It’ll send you alerts when motion detectors are triggered too - these are available from many businesses including this alarm company so it's worth looking around for great deals.


Video doorbells enable you to view who’s at your door before opening it and communicate with the visitor remotely. You’ll also receive notifications on your phone when somebody rings your doorbell.


For further reassurance, install smart locks that you manage on your phone, so that you can double-check you’ve locked your doors if you’re likely to forget or worry. 


8) Plant watering system


Remembering to water plants isn’t as easy as it may seem. In fact, a recent survey found that 56% of respondents often worry about whether their plants have enough water. Another 20% confessed they would rather sit through a root canal than take care of a plant due to the pressure they feel from it. 


You can make this task far simpler with a smart plant watering system that follows a timed routine. Some models also track light, humidity, temperature, and soil moisture to automatically water plants when needed. 


While purchasing smart home devices may seem like a luxury, it’s a worthy investment as they can save you time, reduce your energy costs, and make your house more secure. 

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