Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Keeping The Kids Busy With Fiesta Crafts

*These items were gifted to us for this post, however we were not paid to feature them and all words are my own.

My children are big fans of craft projects on a rainy afternoon but do you ever feel as though you've simply run out of ideas?!

I know that I do. I'm not a naturally crafty person, and although Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration - I do tend to get a little disheartened after spending hours of time and lots of money to follow a craft tutorial, only for the finished product to not quite meet the (very high!) expectations of my children!

A few weeks back, my youngest asked if we could try to craft a shark mask for him - I found a tutorial online, and we gave it our best effort but unfortunately it wasn't up to his standards and he has barely touched it since!

So when I saw these Create Your Own Animal Head craft packs from Fiesta Crafts, I just knew that my kids would love them!

My youngest is truly obsessed with all things shark-related right now (aren't most 5 year olds?!) and my middle child is totally enamoured with unicorns - so they were incredibly excited to get started!

The instructions within the pack were very easy to follow, and my little ones really enjoyed getting involved - following the step-by-step guide. At their ages, they did need quite a bit of adult assistance and some of the steps were a little bit fiddly but I think older children would be able to manage pretty well independently.

It took us around an hour to put both masks together (this was with a lot of "help" from the children, mind you!) and we were all really impressed with the finished product!

They are MUCH bigger than we expected, and the level of detail in them is really quite impressive. They fit the children perfectly, and are very sturdy too.

My children are really enjoying playing with their crafty creations, and when they're not in use they have pride of place in their bedrooms - they really are lovely and so much better than anything I could put together myself!

The packs we used were the Create Your Own 3D Unicorn Mask and Shark 3D Mask, but there are plenty of other options available - including zoo animals, knight and soldier helmets, colour-your-own options and there are even construct your own card building sets too which look like lots of fun.

I think these masks would be perfect for a birthday party activity!

The animal masks sets are brilliant value at just £7.99 each, and to make it even better Fiesta Crafts are offering 10% off purchases for Sparkles & Stretchmarks readers until 30th April using the code  SSM10 - just go to https://www.fiestacrafts.co.uk/

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