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Update Your Bedroom Layout in 7 Easy Steps


Your surroundings are an expression of your inner state. So, the way you arrange your rooms, the things you bring in and how you maintain your place will affect the way you feel.

That's why a poor bedroom layout will come across as unpleasant and uninviting, so getting your layout right is key to a happier space.

Here's how to update your bedroom layout and get the restful retreat that you crave.

1.   Consider the Space Architecture

Considering your bedroom architectural features is vital in planning a harmonious space you won't want to leave in the morning.

That's why analysing your space's architecture is a great starting point as it can guide you towards the best bedroom layout for your room.

For example, if you are dealing with awkward corners, sloped ceilings or odd architectural elements, it can all impact the way you arrange your furniture.

2.   Take Proper Measurements

As dull as it might sound, this is crucial in coming up with the best bedroom layout.

So, start with measuring your room and try to draw a basic floor plan on a piece of paper or with the help of an accessible app such as Floor Planner or Room Styler.

Ensure you include all the doors, windows, radiators, light switches, sockets and big pieces of furniture.

Mark the elements that can't be moved, such as the electric points. Think of the best way to work around that.

Measure twice.

And keep in mind that bed, rugs, bedside tables, and rugs all need proper measurements, and you should know the ideal size before you shop.

3.  Think of the Room Functions and Zone Out Your Bedroom

Balancing style and function are essential in planning an ideal layout.

So, think of all the functions you want your room to accommodate and plan your bedroom by dividing it into zones, be it sleeping, lounging, entertaining, office space, etc.

Draw lines as if a person is moving around the space and ask yourself questions such as Do I have enough space to open the wardrobe? Is there anything that blocks my way from the bed to the bathroom? Will I be comfortable watching TV from my bed?

Plan a walkway from one place to the other, and don't ignore traffic routes.  Make sure you can easily walk around the bed and that the paths are clear.

4.  Plan A Layout

To arrange your furniture for optimal use, you need to get creative and be afraid to experiment.

The way you arrange your furniture depends on how you'll use the room so if you like to watch TV from the comfort of your bed, the obvious choice will be to place your TV on the wall opposite your bed.

An easy way to experiment with different room layouts is to cut out miniature 2d models of your furniture and move them around your 2d floor plan that you have designed at step two.


5.  Make the Bed Positioning a Priority

As the bed is the most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom, you need to think of your bed positioning early in the process, as this will influence your overall bedroom layout.

The most popular arrangements are to place the bed either opposite the door or along the room's longest wall.

Having room to walk on either side of the bed is also crucial not only for room flow but also to give you space to make your bed or jump under the covers from both sides.

Another designer trick is to always place the bed to see the front of it when entering the room.

Make sure you pick a bed that best suits your needs, not just a pretty face. So just think for a second, do you really need a king size bed, or you could maybe save some space with a double bed instead?


6. Clear Floor Space with Built-in Storage

If you're limited to floor space, including storage is an excellent solution if you are looking to achieve the optimal bedroom layout.

So, if you are short on bedroom storage, you might benefit from furniture pieces that double up as storage, such as a storage bed. Bedroom storage options are easy on the eye as well as functional.

For example, a divan bed with built-in drawers, alternatively an ottoman bed that lifts to reveal hidden storage in the base. Furniture with built-in storage brings you more for your buck and is also a fantastic way to clear out floor space.

Another way to clear floor space and have some more room to play around with your items is to opt for vertical storage, such as build shelves on your walls.


7. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

The first consideration in choosing bedroom furniture is whether to go for fitted units or freestanding units.

Fitted bedroom furniture tends to be pricier, but it will offer more efficient space use, especially in a small bedroom.

Freestanding units, on the other side, are cheaper than fitted units and can be replaced anytime you are bored with your bedroom style.

Regardless of your choice, purchasing furniture bespoke to your room architecture will help you bring order from chaos.


    Final Thoughts

So, you don't have to be an interior designer or even hire one if you are looking for a    fresh layout for your bedroom. With a bit of time to measure, little thought and willingness to experiment, you are on your way to planning a harmonious space you won't want to leave.




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