Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Five Ideas For Birthday Gifts That They Will Actually Use This Summer

Buying the perfect birthday present can sometimes be a bit of an uphill struggle, can’t it? Some people seem to already have everything that you think that they would want, while other people have favourite activities and hobbies that are simply impossible to buy for. No matter how much research you do, you always end up getting them that book everyone is talking about, or you end up sending them vouchers in the hope that they can make the decision for you.


To make matters even more difficult, we haven’t seen many of our friends and loved ones very much at all in the last twelve months. It’s been hard to get any hints about new things that they’re interested in or enjoying. However, given that we have all been through the same lockdown, we know that they probably have got to the end of their Netflix watch lists. We know that they have probably read every book that’s been featured on any list in the last year or so. We also know that they have probably burned through every hobby they have ever shown any interest in.


So, how do you get that tricky-to-buy for person a gift that they’ll actually use this summer? Here are a few ideas…


Gym And Running Gear

Now that the restrictions are being lifted, we are finally able to spend time together indoors, go to the pub and the cinema, and go to the gym. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were able to put our earphones in and sweat it out using proper gym equipment, and if the person you’re buying for likes to keep fit, they will definitely appreciate some new gear to help them on their way.


However, it’s worth doing a little digging before you buy, as many people are still a little apprehensive about going back to the gym. A lot of people will be sticking to their outdoor exercise now that the summer is finally here. If that’s the case, some good outdoor running shoes are a great gift.


Treat Them To A Meal At Their Favourite Restaurant

It seems safe to say that we’ll all be buying each other endless drinks at the pub when we get the chance, but if you want to treat this person to something a little more special, then why not find out what their favourite eatery is? We have all missed the experience of getting dressed up and heading out to a nice restaurant.


Food we haven’t cooked ourselves, someone waiting on us, a bottle of wine that is considerably more expensive than we’d usually order…sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? It can be a surprise or not, but it will be something that they will be absolutely thrilled about.


Help Them Stock Up On Their Favourites

Of course, a great birthday gift doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It can be as simple as showing that you know what they like and giving them a good supply of it. If the person you’re buying for is a bit of a coffee snob, ordering a box of their favourite blend is a great choice. If you know that a certain brand of luxurious bath product has been out of their price range recently, why not treat them?


If the special someone in your life is a vaper, then having a solid supply of their favourite e-liquid is always important. If you are looking to buy e-liquid, The Vape House has an amazing range of flavours from the top brands as well as a wide array of other vaping products.


Treat Them To A Pamper Treatment

Over the course of the pandemic, we have been sleeping so badly that there have been studies conducted on it. We have been sitting with a horrendous posture as we work from home, and we have all been carrying an incredible amount of stress around with us on a daily basis. In short, we could all do with a bit of pampering.


Now that spas and health centres are opening again, a spa day could be the perfect gift. Alternatively, if the person you are buying for has been complaining about their back or aching joints, then see if you can book them in for a sports or deep tissue massage.


Organise A Day With Family And Friends

Now, admittedly this is not exactly a gift that they will “use”, but it certainly is a gift that they will appreciate. It’s been far too long since we could all be in a room together. While there are still restrictions that we need to abide by, it does feel like we can start getting some dates in the calendar to finally spend some time in the company of our loved ones. In the meantime, booking a table in a pub garden could be just the thing.  

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