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Gamma Jacket: Blissfully Toasty Heated Jackets for Year-Round Comfort

I don’t know about you, but I’m ALWAYS cold. Even on summer days, I get chilly when I’m not under the sun or under the covers!

That’s why I think one of the greatest inventions of ALL TIME is the heated blanket. I love cuddling with mine when I’m on the sofa at home and melting like a pad of butter under the warm covers.


But there’s one big problem with my heated blanket: I can’t take it with me when I’m out and about (without looking like I’ve gone mad!). If only there was a way to take that toasty heated goodness with me everywhere I went... (drumroll please…)


Now, there is! I’ve fallen in love with a new jacket called GAMMA. It’s a year-round jacket (you can wear it in any weather—more on that in a moment) with carbon fibre heaters built right in. At the push of a button, your jacket will heat up just like a heated blanket, keeping you blissfully balmy even in the chilliest weather. 

The best part about GAMMA is that it’s made of graphene, a smart insulating material. Graphene evenly distributes heat around the entire jacket—from your waist to your fingertips—so you never feel hot spots or develop sweaty patches.


It’s just like wrapping yourself in a snuggly heated blanket, except now, you can bring that warmth anywhere you go.


GAMMA can do a lot more than keep you warm. I’ll tell you a few more things I love about it below. Or, you can watch a video on it here. By the way, if you order a GAMMA jacket soon, you can save over 40%!

How Does GAMMA Work?

 GAMMA doesn’t look any different from your average jacket. But actually, it’s unlike any jacket you’ve worn before.


Why is that?


Because GAMMA is made of graphene, a 100% organic material that was recently discovered in 2004. Graphene is stronger than diamond, as thin as an atom and an amazing insulator.


It’s so impressive that it won its discoverers a Nobel Prize!


What does this have to do with keeping warm?


Well, I mentioned that graphene is a super-powered insulator. It’s so good at regulating temperature that it acts like a second skin.


It’s able to move heat across the jacket to deliver warmth where you need it. It can do this with your body heat and with heat from the built-in heaters.


So, on autumn days when you’re just a little chilly, GAMMA will keep you warm by using your body heat alone.


On extra cold days, you can turn on the heaters, and graphene will distribute the heat evenly around the jacket, wrapping you in a burrito of warm goodness. 


To use the heaters, all you need to do is attach a standard power bank to a USB-C cable in one of the pockets. Then, press a button on the jacket’s interior to turn on the heat. There are three different heat settings to choose from, so you can customize your comfort.


GAMMA warms up immediately. It’s able to heat up to 50˚C in under 30 seconds! So, you won’t have to wait for ages to feel warm.


And it feels incredible. Thanks to graphene, you can’t feel the individual heaters on the front and back of the jacket. It feels like the entire jacket heats up uniformly, so you feel the heat on your arms, neck and head as well as your core.

Are GAMMA’s Heaters Safe?

Yes, GAMMA’s heaters are very safe. They contain no electrical components, so they won’t short out and there’s no risk of shock.


Your power bank provides all the power needed to heat the jacket. Without a power bank, the heaters are just carbon fibre pads.


GAMMA can get quite warm, but there’s no risk of overheating or burns. You can even fall asleep with the heaters on or leave the heaters on when you take off the jacket. They’ll simply stay warm until the power bank runs out of battery.


When the heaters are on, you can do anything you’d normally do in GAMMA. GAMMA is 100% waterproof and damage resistant, so you can go out in the rain, snow or sun without worry.

Is GAMMA Washable?

Yes! Not only is GAMMA washable, but it’s machine-washable! I haven’t had many jackets I can toss in with the washing. GAMMA’s heaters and USB-C cable are waterproof, so you won’t need to do anything special when washing. Just wash it like your other clothing.


Although, GAMMA does not need to be washed very often. It’s antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. That means it won’t get dirty and it can’t carry germs or allergens around on it. Graphene eliminates all germs on contact.


Another big benefit of antimicrobial graphene is that it will remain odour-free for life. Odours from moisture or dirt are caused by bacteria and mould growth. GAMMA is immune to all of that.


You can work up a sweat in GAMMA and still wear it to work or dinner with friends. 

5 More Things I Love about GAMMA


 My favourite thing about GAMMA is the divinely comfortable heaters. I think I use them every day when snuggling on the sofa. And I’m sure I’ll use them constantly when things get cooler in a few months. But GAMMA is super versatile, so I thought I’d add a few more perks that I like below.


     It’s waterproof: It rains A LOT in Britain. GAMMA is 100% waterproof and windproof, so no chill can reach your skin. It’s also got a hood and rain hem to keep the raindrops out.

     It’s light and comfy: Even with the built-in heaters, GAMMA only weighs 500 g. That’s about the weight of a jumper. It owes its light weight to graphene, which is literally lighter than air.

     It’s practically invincible: Graphene is officially the strongest known substance on the planet. GAMMA is almost impossible to damage—it can even stop a knife. It is guaranteed to last for life.  

     It’s got loads of pockets: As a mom, I need plenty of pockets. GAMMA has 10! It includes 2 hidden pockets, which are very convenient when travelling.

     It’s got plus-sized perks: For plus-sized fashionistas, GAMMA includes free size exchanges, drawstrings for easy customization and excellent breathability and moisture-wicking for sweaty days. 

How to Order Your GAMMA Jacket  

GAMMA isn’t just a ridiculously comfortable heated jacket that makes you melt like warm butter at the push of a button. Although, who would ask for more than that?


GAMMA is an all-climate, all-weather jacket that lasts for life. It’s so strong that it will even survive your children!


And it’s all thanks to graphene, a 100% natural super-material that insulates and protects.


As you might expect, a jacket that does nearly everything and lasts forever doesn’t fall on the cheap side of the aisle. But, you can take over 40% off your GAMMA jacket if you order using this link. That’s nearly £200 in savings for a jacket that will make those perpetual shivers go away for good!


This offer will expire after a limited number of jackets have been pre-ordered, so don’t wait to get yours. You can learn more and place your order at


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