Thursday, 6 May 2021

How to Create Room for Self-Care in the Home

In times of stress and pressure, self care can slide. We can all grow accustomed to a fast paced lifestyle and forget to pause sometimes and put ourselves first. But without self-care we’re at risk of burnout, and letting our health slide. Ensuring we incorporate self care into our daily routine can sometimes feel difficult to manage so we’ve prepared some tips on creating room for self care in your own home. By making it accessible and designing your space to be as calming and soothing as possible, you can relax and know that your home is your own personal retreat or rest and recharge.

Creating room for self care in the home starts with the basics. When designing your home you should consider not only personal preferences in style but the effects your d├ęcor will have on you. It’s been scientifically proven that the colours we incorporate have tangible effects on your emotions, so painting your walls blue for example, can promote relaxation and allow you to sleep better.

Think about adding touches of your favourite colours or textures to the home. Having elements around you that genuinely make you happy all contribute to overall wellbeing. A favourite plant, a brand of coffee you like, a picture of your friends all makes up a home that is worth returning to after a long day of work.

 Wide open spaces can also help you for those days you’re feeling a little trapped and stuck. Solid wood flooring with wide planks can create the illusions of space, especially when combined with long floor length curtains which can make ceilings appear higher. Light shades should work best for this effect so it’s worth considering when choosing flooring, paints, and large furniture.

This floor length curtains will be great for throwing open and letting in the light which has been proven to do wonders for mental health. A recent study found out that 17.5% of white Europeans displayed a deficiency of vitamin D in the winter. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to depression and low moods in adults and now more than ever it’s important to take supplements or bring a little sunshine into our lives so open those curtains, roll up the blinds, and get outside.

Adding elements of hygge with comforting loungewear and soft plush throw cushions or blankets with help create a cosy atmosphere. Stick to a neutral colour scheme for a very Danish feel. Make every night special with a variety of lamps, fairy lights, candles, and possibly a warm fire if you’ve got one.

Self care encompasses a variety of things, from creating relaxing spaces, to ensuring your basic needs are met, but exercise is one that I feel we all allow to slide occasionally. To make exercise a more attractive option, try making your equipment and clothing more available. Place your gym clothes by your bed so when you wake up it’s the first thing you see. If you have the room, lay out a yoga mat and some small weights or resistance bands. Make your space work for you.

Most importantly creating room for self care in the home means thinking truly about what self care means to you and designing your space in conjunction with that. Be honest and focus on what you feel. Your home is your retreat, treat it like one.

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