Friday, 28 May 2021

Ideas To Accessorise Your Home

It can be hard to know how to accessorise your home with all the different styles available and the ever changing trends. From - shabby chic and boho to classic, modern and vin-tage. Incorporating the right decor is crucial in producing vibes that show off your personal-ity, and your home! Interior design is all the rage these days and we all want our homes to sparkle and stand out…for the right reasons! So, how do you accessorise your home to suit you?

Below we have come up with a few ideas on how you could accessorise your home. Whether it’s with subtle colours and natural materials. With simple modern pieces, or even a little home renovation.


There’s nothing more classically beautiful than a clock as a focal piece for your room, plus its also handy when you want to know what the time is! Clocks can combine soft coloured metals with beautiful wood or stone patterns and although they are an accessory, they could also be used as a feature. An oversized clock on your kitchen wall perhaps, or an elegant clock for your mantlepiece. Accessories don’t have to hide away in the back-ground as added extras.


The reflections from mirrors can make a space feel much larger than it actually is, whilst also brightening up the room by reflecting the natural light. Mirrors are able to rejuvenate bare walls by displaying a sneak peak into your style; whether you choose pastel colours with geometric shapes, or the more classic wooden framed mirrors with bevelled edges you will love the openness it adds to your room and the style it will add to your decor.

Bold Wall Art

Wall art with bold colours or soft tones can make a huge statement in a room. You could incorporate artistic prints to make a bold impact to your visitors, or for a softer and more delicate or subtle touch, could you include serene garden prints to create an awe-inspiring presence, and something a little more tranquil. Art is seen completely differently by who-ever looks at it and is somewhat of a conversation starter so go to town with your art choices, you cant really go wrong.


One simple way to update your home and give it a new lease of life is to replace your floor-ing. Maybe you have carpet in a room that’s screaming out for beautiful wood flooring. Changing the floor in a room can bring it back to life and change the look and feel of space. Plus, these days, there are so many different varieties to choose from. From lami-nate and solid wood, to engineered wood and, in my opinion, the most stunning - herring-bone.


The lighting you decide for your room can really transform the space. Whether you choose bright white lights for a modern, cool feel to the space. Or more of a subtle, warm white

light for a warming, more relaxed and cozy vibe. Ask yourself before you begin, what vibe are you going for in that room?

The more extravagant lights will showcase iconic shapes and features in your home. For example, perhaps you have a large stair well or super high ceilings. Why not show these off with some super cool and modern lighting.

The next time you want to update your home, why give some of these a try and see how you get on!

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