Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Top Tips For A Mind Boggling Travel Experience To Hong Kong With Your Kids

Have you planned to travel with your family this year? If yes, this is a decision of your life that you will never regret. The reason why it is recommended for you to travel is because it allows one to go on a social detox and spend quality time with themselves. However, if you plan to travel with your family, the experience can be overwhelming. Even though you might have  everything planned in the right way, still you will face several challenges with your munchkins. Preparing the checklist and going through all the dos/donts of the journey will be challenging. Bear in mind, a family travel trip is unlike a solo trip where you’re only concerned with yourself. Therefore, if you have been looking for some incredible tips for travelling with your family, you’ve come to the right spot. Here, we will guide you through a few incredible tips for travelling to Hong Kong with your loved ones;

Take it Slow

When it  comes to travelling with family, you need to take everything slow. Instead of worrying about where to go and when to leave the house, it is best if you sit  back, relax and grab a cup of coffee when making a list of all the travel essentials. When It comes to travelling with kids, you need to spend little time at home and plan for almost an hour’s difference from boarding the plane. Bear in mind, doing everything at the last minute might result in you missing your flight. Secondly, when kids are too small, one has to manage everything by themselves. Therefore, try to reach the airport early and catch your flight on time instead of having to wait in the long queue of other passengers.  Check with Cathay Pacific to get information about your flight.

Pre-Book Everything

Of course, now that you have booked the flights, you need to pre book everything else as well. Don’t rely on landing in a foreign country and then looking for the best hotel room while you’re in the cab. Bear in mind, as soon as you land after several hours of travelling, you would want to open the hotel room and relax on your bed. In simple words, you should book the hotel room prior to your arrival and  also rent a vehicle , so you don’t have any issues with bargaining with the drivers around. Even if it's about booking your meals before setting off from  home, you should give it a go.

Don’t Overpack

Most people tend to overpack when it comes to travelling to a new location. Especially when the kids are involved, most parents will pack several things, out of which they probably wouldn’t want most of them. Bringing familiar items is good but you won't enjoy the trip, if you keep on investing in stuff that you already use at home. Apply the 50% rule and cut off everything by half. For example, if you have decided to pack 4 pairs of jeans, take 2 of them. Similarly, if you have chosen 4 tops according to the beach plans, stick to just 2. This way, you don't have to cater for extra luggage and won't end up taking care of it throughout the trip.


Hungry kids will make the trip miserable for you. Therefore, it is best if you can carry snacks in your bag. Of course we aren’t recommending you to carry fully cooked meals but you can keep the kids silent by presenting them with something that is full of energy and will suffice for their hunger. Don’t forget to take the granola bars and chocolates. Secondly, don’t feed the kids with heavy meals because they will eventually take a big toll on your kids tummy and they would want to run to the toilet frequently. Snacks are important because they are cheap, keep the kids energized and help you in staying active throughout the journey.

Don’t Shy Away From Asking For Child Discounts

If you have a coupon code or a child discount, ask for it because it will eventually save you a lot of money. Most people have a difficult time asking for the discounts because they are too shy about it. However, if you deem them, you will have a budget friendly journey. When you  travel with kids, you will have discounts on private guides, tours, transportation and even the restaurants. Especially if you sift through a resort, they will oblige you with mind boggling discounts for the children. So never shy away from redeeming a coupon code because it will be beneficial for your budget.

Don’t Worry if Things Go Wrong

When you travel with the little ones, something will go wrong for sure. For example, if your little one has to go to the bathroom, you might end up missing the next bus. Similarly, if you decide to work on a certain budget, you might end up with zero cash in your hand. With kids, you never know what the future unfolds. The trip is going to be hysterical anyways and you will have to run after the little ones. So there’s nothing that you can do in such situations to make everything wrong. Therefore, the less you worry, the better your trip experience will be.  However, if you had to take a flight to Hong Kong and ended up with the Japan flight, you will have to be mindful before taking the next step.

Always Share Contact Information with the Kids

If a child gets lost, they will panic. This is why, it will be wise enough for you to share the contact information with them. Your contact information should be inclusive of local address, the name, phone number, email address and even the address to the hotel room. For  young children, you need to go the extra mile in terms of equipping them with the contact information. If they have pockets, it is best for you to leave a contact note with them. Therefore, you must be careful because you wouldn’t want to lose your munchkin in a foreign country for sure.


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