Tuesday, 20 July 2021

3 Ways to Make Your House More Buyable!

The property market has certainly been busy over the last year or so. The stamp duty holiday injected a fever pitch level of excitement in some areas and even though we have all been battling this pandemic. houses have been bought and sold all over the UK.

Jamie Gray from Nexa Properties says

"The pandemic saw us all spend a lot more time at home. For a lot of people home has become more important as holidays have been off the menu. People are also looking to spend holiday budgets on houses.  This has led to a lot of houses being bought and sold throughout the last year in the UK"

Moving to a bigger house has been very popular with people wanting more space, choosing to have a garden or to move away from a city is also a big thing. Of course, many of us have saved money on holidays and may even recalibrate how we feel about expensive treats in favour of a larger place to live. While the stamp duty holiday is now over people are still looking to move!

Choices Choices

While on one hand a busy market can be great for buyers it can be very competitive for sellers. With so much choice buyers can be picky and getting a good price for a sale can be tough. There are certainly lots of things you can do to your home to make it more sellable, the usual little things like making sure it smells nice, the garden is looking good and tidying up worn interiors. However, here are a few other tip that might well make all the difference!!

Driveways and Patios

There are 1000s of property selling tips out there, but this isn’t always on the lists, and it should be. Everyone understands the concept of kerb appeal but that often leads to looking at hanging baskets and similar smaller things. But a driveway can do so much more. Of course, it’s more expensive but a new clean, tidy driveway can lift a home in a big way. While it will cost you should see that money back. The same goes for patio areas. As potential buyers wander through to the back garden seeing a tired patio with broken slabs can do a lot of damage. It’s certainly good advice to make sure your patio and garden are clean and clear but investing in an updated patio will do a lot more to get the price you want. The garden at the rear is often the last thing buyers will look at before going back through the property so making an impression there is important.

Have a Major Clear Out – inside and out.

Obviously leaving mess around isn’t a great way to sell a house but it can go a lot deeper than that. You may not notice how cluttered your house, garden and garage might be, but a buyer will. A shed that’s full of stuff and a garage that has no spare room make these spaces look small and unappealing. The same goes for inside the house in general. So have a major clear out before starting viewings. There are plenty of companies out there that offer garden clearance and the like. They can empty sheds or just take away a huge pile of unwanted things from your garage and other spaces. It is the time to perhaps ditch an old sofa, get rid of the broken fridge in the garage etc.

Be Realistic

This tip is not about cleaning up, baking bread or anything else physical. This is about your perception of what your home is worth. If you want to sell you must be realistic. So many people have a figure in mind and won’t budge. Viewing after viewing they get more annoyed because there are no offers. Many people have had work done on their house and want to recoup that cost. Sadly, it doesn’t always work that way, you may have spent £20,000 on a conservatory but it doesn’t mean you can simply add that on to what you think your neighbours house is worth. Look at the market, take advice from professionals and take the hint if you have had 30 viewings and only 2 low offers. The price is either too high or something is wrong with the property. Of course, if you know something isn’t right then drop the price accordingly. People don’t mind doing work on a home if the price is right. If you want to sell and get moving, you need to be realistic.

Now think of your house you want to sell

-          A good price

-          Clean and tidy with storage spaces looking empty and ready for the buyers’ things.

-          Shiny new driveway to welcome people in and a lovely tidy and fresh patio to enjoy the outdoors!

Make sure everything else is in order and tidy and your home will be sold in no time. 

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