Wednesday, 7 July 2021

How To Simplify Your Home Makeover

One of the things I most enjoy doing is giving our home a regular refresh, infact I don't think there's ever a time when we're not redecorating at least one room in the house!

But as much as I enjoy getting creative with our home decor and love the feeling of a newly decorated living space...I have to admit that the process itself can get a little tedious, and as a time-pushed family it can be a struggle to get things completed to a decent standard.

Over the years we've picked up some hacks that really help us to streamline the process of a home makeover, simplying the process and helping it all to run so much more smoothly.

Use Installation Services

One of the biggest problems we faced when doing a bedroom makeover for our children recently was finding blinds that were the right for our windows. We have bay windows which are an unusual size, meaning that finding curtains and blinds can be a real pain. 

I had always assumed that employing a fitting service would simply be out of our price range, but I came across a shutter installation company who really surprised me with their affordability. The Shutter Store offer their installation services for shutters and blinds at around 40% less than their competitors prices - using their installation services means that we benefit from made-to-measure blinds personalised to our needs, which we're able to select from a wide range of colours, materials and styles. 

Having them professionally installed takes all of the fuss out of the process, leaving us with a perfect product and none of the headache - it really is worth every penny!

Use Wall Stickers Instead Of Wallpaper

As we rent our home, using wallpaper can be a bit problematic as it's such a pain to well as being quite the headache to hang in the first place! Once we discovered wall stickers, we never looked back as these enable us to create the look of wallpaper against a freshly painted but with none of the hassle.

You can get wall stickers to suit almost any theme now and they work especially well for childrens bedrooms, it also makes it much easier to switch themes often and so much more cost effective too.

We recently decorated our childrens bedroom with mermaid wall stickers which create the look of under the sea wallpaper, but only a few months later our children have now decided they want to switch to a Disney themed bedroom - with wall stickers this isn't a problem as it takes mere minutes to remove the mermaids and replace them with Mickey Mouse stickers! They look just as good as wallpaper, too.

Pinterest & Interiors Blogs Are Your Friend

If, like me, you happen not to be the most gifted of interior designers then gone are the days of needing to splash out money on a creative eye to help you plan your overhaul. 

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for everything from decor ideas to making the most of a small living space, and the array of interior design blogs out there are ideal for giving plenty of tips and tricks to help you really make the most of your living space.

Small Changes Make A Big Difference

If you're trying to refresh the look and feel of your home on a budget, then worry not as there really is so much that can be achieved for a small outlay. 

The addition of some greenery alone can really transform the look and feel of a room, whether you choose to use real or artificial plants. A gallery photo wall can be an inexpensive way to create a focal point in your living space, or you could even have a go at upcycling some of your original furnishings - whether its repainting, re-upholstering, changing out handles on drawers and doors, or even having a go at respraying mirrors and vases in funky fresh colours. It's a chance to unleash your creativity and breathe fresh life into something pre-loved.

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