Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Karndean Vinyl Flooring: The Satisfying Choice

When discussing with interior designers about achieving the perfect look for your home, you may hear them mention luxury vinyl flooring.


It has become a high recommendation of designers due to the many different properties it provides. When it comes to choosing a floor for any room in your home from the living room to the bathroom, the brand that ticks all the boxes from looks to durability usually falls to Karndean click vinyl flooring.


The truth is it is the name on people's lips for many reasons, and not just because of the surge in popularity of vinyl. It is a long-respected vinyl brand that offers a lot of quality in design.


What is Karndean?


Karndean vinyl is simply the highest quality in luxury vinyl flooring that has climbed to become a respected industry leader.


Like laminate flooring, Karndean click tiles are made up of compressed materials with printed film and a clear non-porous and hard-wearing layer over the top. Each one is highly durable due to a top layer coating, tiles can be embossed to resemble stone, wood, marble and any other flooring style.


It is a realistic looking substitute for expensive and troublesome real wood, stone and alternative flooring types by perfectly replicating the look and tone and much cheaper on the home design budget also.


The Perks


Karndean is a premium vinyl product offering up incredibly realistic substitutes for real hardwood and stone. This provides savings on price, but that is not all you get that real hardwood or stone does not provide.


Karndean click vinyl flooring is among the easier products to self install, which saves some extra pennies on not requiring a professional to do the work. You could undertake it yourself over a day if you wish to, which makes for a fun project with its easy click-together design. Other than that option, you can get glue down tiles that use an adhesive, although this should ideally be done by a professional.


All in all, luxury vinyl is so durable and hard-wearing that the warranty is upwards of 30 years with most brands. You would be hard-pressed to find that confidence in any product on the market, so you know that this product has the long term in mind.


Vinyl flooring has outlived its flimsy early years to bring advancements in flooring and the problems it battled. Highly manufactured to be scratch resistant, stain resistant, moisture resistant and slip resistant, it takes every conceivable protective measure to ensure your safety and satisfaction whilst also providing an eco-friendly product.


No matter where you plan on installing vinyl in your home there is a design perfectly suited for it, and Karndean click vinyl flooring makes a masterpiece of your floor.


Karndean is the satisfying choice within the many brands of luxury vinyl flooring to layer your home right the first time.


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