Friday, 27 August 2021

4 Common Cat Owner Mistakes to Avoid

It’s one thing to impulse buy a pair of shoes, but a cat? There’s no easy return policy for those. Bringing home your first purring pal is a big decision. While they tend to be less demanding and more independent than dogs, cats still require a significant amount of time and effort to care for properly. And if you don’t get it right, you’ll need a significant amount of money to cover the hefty vet bills that inevitably follow.

So, it certainly helps to know what not to do as an aspiring cat owner, and what you should be doing instead. Here are four common mistakes to avoid when adopting a feline friend.

Not Doing Your Homework

It would be quite unfortunate if you brought a cat home, only to find out that they trigger an allergy you never knew you had. Although no specific breed is technically hypoallergenic, some cats are less likely to make you sniff and sneeze than others, and knowing who they are beforehand can spare you a lot of trouble.

The same applies to basic care and cat behaviour. There are many things about cat ownership that are best learned in advance instead of through experience. Be sure to do your homework and make an informed, educated decision.

Feeding the Wrong Food

What your furry friend gets for dinner plays a major role in their overall health. These days, there is no shortage of options when it comes to cat food. However, not all products are equal, and there are many that fail to meet a cat’s nutritional needs on their own. This is evident among grain-filled kibble and other cheap, low-quality feeds.

It’s generally wise to stick to natural wet food products where meat is the main ingredient. You can read more about the benefits of feeding wet food on the blog. They also offer various cans, pots and pouches of delicious cat food made from balanced and sustainable ingredients, along with tasty treats to spoil your cat on special occasions.

Forgetting to Spay or Neuter

There are several reasons why spaying or neutering your cat is important. For one thing, it curbs the overpopulation problem and eliminates the risk of you waking up to a surprise litter of kittens. It also stops female cats from making a noise during heat and male cats from acting aggressive, as well as protecting your pet against numerous health threats.

Underestimating the Commitment

Any responsible animal shelter will perform thorough investigations of potential owners to verify that their home and way of living is appropriate for cat ownership. They will also check to see that the owner is financially capable of keeping their cat happy and healthy.

This is done for good reason, as it can be easy to underestimate the commitment that comes with raising a cat. Make sure that you can take on the responsibility before adopting.

Staying clear of these mistakes will make life with your new four-legged family member much easier. Rest-assured that you can look forward to plenty of good times ahead. 

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