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How Can Outdoor Adventures Bring Blended Families Closer Together?

Blended families might not be one big happy family right away, but outdoor activities are a way to bring you all closer together. Here’s how…


Going through a divorce and starting a blended family can be a stressful time, but there are ways you can reduce these stressors. In a practical sense, a fixed fee divorce can be a straightforward way to come to a voluntary agreement that takes the pressure off multiple parties. In a more family-oriented sense, however, outdoor activities are a great way to bring blended families closer together, but how?


Well, the process of forming a blended family can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. Children are likely to be uncertain about the new circumstances and might even resist the changes, so it’s a good idea to take the pressure of them. Even if the process is strained a difficult, with open communication, respect, and patience, you can develop a new bond as a blended family.


Bonding can be done by embarking on outdoor adventures with the new blended family unit. If you’re not convinced that outdoor adventures can bring your blended family closer together, read these ten reasons how they can help…

1.   Builds Children’s Confidence


Outdoor activities can really help children come out of their shell, improve resilience, and allow them to develop their skills in different areas. This will help to encourage a healthier relationship with one another moving forwards.


2.   Helps to Find Common Ground


Newly blended families aren’t going to be best friends right away. Therefore, it’s important to find common ground to bond over.


Trying a new outdoor activity that no-one is very familiar with will help you all to overcome obstacles and go through a shared experience, such as hiking a mountain or trying rock climbing. You’ll also create new memories together.



3.   Reduces Stress and Anxiety


Doing something fun in a different environment to the home helps to relieve stress and anxiety because children know they can take a break. This helps to reduce negative emotions which can lead to heightened tensions between the two families.


4.   Encourages Teamwork


Outdoor activities usually require teamwork to meet a common goal, which is a great way to get blended families to bond in a natural way, for example setting up a tent. Although, make sure you’ve got the instructions to hand, otherwise there might be more obstacles than you bargained for.


5.   Understanding Each Other Better


Sometimes, in indoor settings such as a restaurant or café, children can feel embarrassed or awkward and you don’t get to see their real personality. This can make it more difficult to bond. Outdoor activities enable you to get to know each child’s personality, as well as them getting to know you, in a better setting.


6.   Less Pressure


Following on from this, outdoor activities help to take the initial pressure off the first outing as a blended family. This can make building relationships more natural too, as conversations start to flow.


7.   Let’s Children Set the Pace


Outdoor activities mean that children have more freedom and can set the pace. If they need a break, they can take themselves off and, if they want to get involved, they can too.


There should still be some structured fun that will give you the best chance to bond, though. Given enough time, patience, and interest, most children will eventually give you a chance.


8.   Fun for the Whole Family


Outdoor activities are a lot more fun, and mean you can be your playful self too. This might help you to bond with your new blended family in ways that you otherwise might not be able to.


9.   Opportunity to Teach


Outdoor adventures give you the opportunity to teach your new stepchildren skills. This means they can develop new ideas and learn from you, which will give you the chance to bond. Whether you teach them to tie a knot, help them out if they get hurt, or show them something fascinating, you are sure to strengthen a relationship with them.



10.   Minimising Barriers


Outdoor activities have less distractions that could act as barriers, for example mobile phones, or the television. That said, there is still an opportunity for the children to have their freedom and space, but it doesn’t involve them shutting themselves in their room.


Ready to Embark on an Outdoor Adventure with Your Blended Family?

 There are lots of outdoor activities out there, so you are sure to find something suitable for your newly blended family. If you have any experiences and advice on becoming a blended family, let us know in the comments below.

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