Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Manifesting My Dream Office Space

Since qualifying as a hypnotherapist earlier this year, I've been daydreaming about being able to put together my own office space.

Working from home over the last 8 years has certainly had its advantages, and of course it's so much cheaper - but now that I'm seeing clients I really need a private space that I can make my own.

Having 3 children running around is far from an ideal environment when you're trying to run businesses, and so the chance to have a space to dedicate to my working life would be ideal - so that's what I'm going to focus on manifesting over the coming year!

Of course, as with anything I ever try to manifest - I always start with a vision board. Creating a vision board helps me to really get clear on exactly what it is I want - and being clear about what I want the universe to deliver to me is key to successful manifesting!

Ideally, I want a space with a couple of rooms - an office area for me to set up a work space with a computer desk, some plants and ideally a nice view to gaze out at while I'm working - something that will inspire me when I'm in writing mode!

I'd like to decorate this work area with some nice inspirational wall art - I'm a big fan of a motivational quote! The colours would be kept muted and calming - perhaps a nice dusky pink with lots of greenery around, and some gold trimmings.

There would be shelves to display my awards (I may only have one to display currently, but we dream big when we're manifesting!) and some photos of the kids, and there'd be an egg chair in the corner set up with fairy lights and comfy cushions and blankets - a space to sit and daydream, maybe even meditate whenever writers block strikes.

I'd also love to have an acoustic pod in here for recording my hypnosis MP3s - recording at home with the children about can be tricky, hence why I still haven't actually managed to complete any yet! Having this quiet, dedicated space to record in would really motivate me.

I'd also have a coffee station set up - complete with nespresso machine and lots of different choices of pod available! A display of mugs - something I could tie in with the seasons, a bit of fun and whimsy is always welcome.

My other room would be a private dedicated therapy space for seeing clients - there'd be a couple of cosy reclining armchairs with comfortable cushions and blankets for those that want them, some plants and maybe a water feature to add to the ambience. A Salt lamp, and some low lighting along with a wooden cabinet for storing any bits and pieces I might need for sessions. 

Again the colours would be muted and calming, with minimal decorative touches so as to keep the space neutral and free from distractions.  The room would be on ground level so as to be fully accessible to everyone, and there'd be ample parking outside.

I can see this little office space so clearly, and I'm excited to see this goal become a reality!

Do you ever try to manifest your goals and desires in life? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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