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Stress Free Tips When Moving With Children

Are you currently thinking about relocating or already in the process of moving to a different house? It can be such a stressful time and it can seem even more stressful when you have small children to whom you have to move as well. Here are some easy tips for stress-free moving with children to help keep that stress at bay

Easy Tips For Stress-Free Moving With Children

Get The Kids Involved

The first thing you should do when you find out you are moving is to make sure to get your children involved. They will want to know details of the new house, new city, and new school they will be at. This is a great time to reiterate that this is an exciting time and not stressful or sad. Everyone should be excited about this huge milestone!

You can let the kids "make their own" boxes by decorating them with markers and stickers. Allow the children to pack their own toys and items up. You can make this into a sorting or counting game. This will help get them involved in the process and keep them entertained for a while.

You could also have a specific day that you spend all day with the kids helping them label boxes, pack up their rooms, and then turn it into a fun play day. You could visit a local park, ice cream shop, etc. Try to take them somewhere that they love to minimize the stress of moving.

Organize As Much As Possible

A great tip to ensure a stress-free moving situation while moving with children is to organize as much as possible. This means organizing every room of the house. You should label all boxes of what's inside as well as what room it belongs in. It helps so much to keep every room separate.

Pre-labeling boxes and having them ready before you start actually packing is a great tip to save some time. You can have them ready to go in each room so there's no confusion. You can easily find free boxes at your local liquor store, grocery store, etc. I would check around for free boxes before you spend a fortune on new boxes.

Another great tip is to color-code each box with a specific color marker. You could use blue for the living room, yellow for the kitchen, and so on. This will also expedite in helping the boxes get to where they need to go in your new house.

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Hire A Moving Company

A great way to ensure a stress-free move with children is to hire a professional moving company. A moving company can take so much stress off of you and your family. A great option for a moving company in Nevada and surrounding areas is Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas

They offer residential moving which includes boxes, pads, and other packing materials. They will also pack your entire household, deliver it to your new address, and unpack it! They ensure to wrap all special items to give you that extra peace of mind.  The friendly staff can give you a totally stress-free experience when trying to move with children, especially when it comes to attempting to move large and bulky items as well as short or long distance moves in the Las Vegas area.

They have so many great reviews from other families who have used their service. Hiring a professional moving company is the absolute best way to create a stress-free moving day with kids because they will take care of almost everything for you. What parent doesn't love that?!

If you happen to be looking to move a commercial space, they also offer that as well. It's totally worth it to use a moving company just for the sake of your sanity. It's a great way to save time (and money!) when moving with a family.


While packing up your house, you should definitely try to declutter. This can create less stress once at your new house. You will have fewer things to unpack and put away. It will also help keep your new house way less cluttered and looking brand new!

My best tip is to go through each room and slowly declutter before your actual moving day. Find items you no longer use or need and try to sell them online or have a large yard sale. You could also donate items or give them to friends or family.

Once your house is decluttered it will make moving so much easier on you and your family!

Hire A Babysitter For A Day

A simple way to get a hard start on your stress-free moving is to hire a babysitter for the day. You could also reach out to friends and family to see if they would watch your children for you. This would allow you to have extra time to focus on packing your house without having to chase down the kids.

This would be great for you to do a few days before your actual moving day. Hire a babysitter and start packing room by room to get a head start. This will help you immensely when it comes to your actual moving day!


I hope these tips help you discover how to create a stress-free moving day with children! Have you experienced moving with children? How did it go?

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