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How Many Pajamas Do You Actually Need?

Are you one of the many adults who love wearing pajamas to bed? If so, you probably realized that changing into comfortable nightwear after a long day is a significant part of creating a conducive environment for quality sleep. It is as if the mere act of wearing pajamas conditions the mind to make you sleepy. Perhaps this routine is your secret for getting that much-needed beauty sleep, so you often find yourself buying women's pajama tops online.

If you enjoy shopping for new sleepwear, you may be wondering how many jammies you actually need. Honestly, there is no perfect number that applies to everyone. The number of pajama tops and bottoms a person should own depends on multiple factors. Thus, you may want to evaluate your lifestyle and unique needs to arrive at the answer.

To figure out how many pajamas you truly need, read on. This piece will discuss several things you may want to consider to come up with an estimate. We have also included a section on helpful pointers when buying pajamas in case you need to purchase more. Lastly, we will give you practical tips to care for your PJs so that you can wear them for a long time.

Things to Consider When Figuring Out How Many Pajamas You Need

Figuring out how many pajamas you need to get the most out of your purchases is a personal matter. You can use the experiences of others as a guide, but the decision is solely up to you. If you want to assess how many PJs you should own, consider the following factors:

Laundry Schedule

One of the most crucial things you need to think about when determining how many jammies you should have is your washing schedule. If you do your laundry once a week, you only need a couple of sets to meet your nightly requirements. Perhaps three will do, especially if you wear the same set twice or thrice before washing them. Keep in mind that unless you experience heavy night sweating, it is perfectly acceptable to re-wear your pajamas. If you wash your clothes once every two weeks, you probably need at least six sets. Ultimately, you can estimate the minimum number based on how often you wear the same pajamas and do your laundry.

Your Lifestyle

Without a doubt, pajamas are ultra-comfy. They also come in different colors, styles, and designs that can double as casual or loungewear. Hence, it is no longer surprising to see people wearing PJs while grocery shopping or running errands. Even celebrities who value comfort wear stylish jammies as streetwear. Essentially, pajamas are no longer clothing pieces exclusive to the bedroom. That said, you also need to evaluate your lifestyle to know how many pajama tops and bottoms you need.

If you wear pajamas all day because you work from home or you love to experiment on your casual daytime looks, you may need a couple more sets than the average person. However, instead of merely opting for ordinary pairs, you may need to invest in more high-quality and stylish pieces. Perhaps PJs in plaids, stripes, floral, or other designs that are cute enough to mix and match with your everyday outfit.

On the other hand, if you only wear pajamas for bedtime, maintaining a couple of comfy and loose pairs is probably sufficient for your requirement.

Closet Space

You may also want to check your closet space when assessing how many pajamas you should have. If you have a lot of room in your wardrobe, you can afford to invest in a few more jammies. Try exploring different fabrics and styles that fit various seasons. However, if your closet is already bulging at the seams, you may want to limit the number of your sleepwear to five or so sets. Or maybe you can try decluttering, so you can get rid of items you do not need and make room for new ones. Who knows? Perhaps you will discover several pajama sets with their tags still on hiding inside your cramped closet.

Your Preference

Of course, you cannot discount your preference when you think about how many pajamas you need. If the process of choosing what style and color of PJs you want to wear for the night makes you feel good, then, by all means, invest in a variety of designs for as long as you can afford them. Again, you alone can determine how many pajamas you need.

However, it is worth noting that you can benefit from limiting your pajama collection. For one, you can save money and valuable closet space. It will also be easier for you to organize and maintain a clutter-free wardrobe. And more importantly, you can maximize the use of your pajamas.

Practical Pointers When Buying Pajama Tops and Bottoms

Perhaps your pajamas double as loungewear, which is why you want to buy more. Or maybe you love wearing freshly-washed PJs every night, but you hardly have time to do the laundry, so you need extra pairs in your closet. Whatever your reason is for wanting to purchase additional pajama sets, take the time to look for high-quality pieces. Here are practical pointers you may want to consider when buying the best pajama tops and bottoms:

▪ Be mindful of the fabric. You may want to focus on the fabric before looking at designs, colors, and styles to ensure maximum comfort. For example, you may opt for pajamas made of lightweight and breathable materials during warmer months to stay cool and comfy. To help you stay toasty warm during the cold season, you may choose heavier and thicker fabrics, like fleece or flannel.

▪ Check the fit. Do not forget to check the size chart before ordering pajamas online to ensure that your jammies suit your body size perfectly. Opt for slightly bigger sizes if you are going to wear them for sleeping. Body-hugging or tight-fitting pieces can feel too constrictive and less comfy, which can lead to poor quality sleep.

▪ Choose complementing pieces. Multiply your pajama options by purchasing complementing tops and bottoms. Choose PJs in colors and designs you can readily mix and match to create different styles. You may also want to invest in a couple of versatile pieces. That way, you can pair them with your everyday clothes and expand your wardrobe in the process.

▪ Think about what you love. When looking for the perfect pajamas, always opt for the color, style, and design that you love. Do not be afraid to experiment or express your personality. Remember that if the PJs improve your mood and make you happy, it is always the right set.

Pajama Care Tips

Whether you decide to keep a few pairs or purchase more pajama tops and bottoms, one thing is non-negotiable—you should learn how to care for your PJs the right way. From washing and drying to repairing and storing, here are care tips you may want to adopt to extend the life of your favorite jammies:

▪ Wash your pajamas in cold water and use a gentle cycle to preserve the integrity of the fabric.

▪ Turn your jammies inside out before throwing them into the washing machine to minimize wear and tear. Better yet, put them inside a large laundry bag before washing.

▪ Choose to air-dry as the heat from the dryer can weaken the fibers of the pajama material.

▪ Mend your pajamas as soon as you notice minor issues to prevent further problems.

▪ Iron your pajamas using a low setting or avoid wrinkles at the onset by laying your pajamas flat on the towel or hanging them to dry.

▪ Fold your pajamas instead of hanging them in the closet to maintain their shape longer.

As you may have realized from this piece, figuring out how many pajama sets you need depends on several factors. Assess each one to find an approximate number that works for you. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. You can opt to keep your collection minimal or invest in a couple more pieces. Either way, remember to purchase high-quality pajamas and care for them the right way, so you can wear and enjoy them for many years.

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